My Website : Ecanusfive 

My Website : Ecanusfive 

First of all a big sorry for not posting here and not being active. 

And now the good news. I am a part of a new venture and I am happy to tell you all about it. I will be present there and posting new articles over there. 

WordPress has been the platform that let me know about some really good persons and the one who started the site, I met her on WordPress first. So, THANK YOU WORDPRESS. 

The name of website is Ecanusfive and it’s a group of 5 people who ofcourse are writers.

So, if you aren’t busy right now or on a strict data plan, then do visit our website. 😀

Have a look at our articles there on our website and comment on articles you like. If you really want to help us, then please spread the word. We would be grateful. 

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Writers Required 

Writers Required 

Well, a new blog is coming up of which I am a part. This new blog is by one of my blogger friends. It’s a five member blog, of which three are already done. So, the space remains only for two members. 

Writers are therefore required and invitation is open to everyone. 

The name of the blog is “Ecanusfive”. 

Anyone who wants to join or even want to enquire about it can mail here

I too would be moving there once the site comes up. This blog of mine would remain here for anyone who wants to get in better contact with me.

Musing Of A Guy

Musing Of A Guy

As my gaze gets locked to the black sky, the thought of love being absent from my life sprung up. I can’t digest the fact even after all these months that I have lost the one I loved and that I can’t have her in my life. My eyes get filled with tears everytime this thought comes into my mind but I can’t do anything other than to ignore these thoughts because I can’t fight with my destiny and so, I just close my eyes to let the tears get absorbed back. The absence of love from my life has made a hollow person because I deem it as the absolute necessity to have a happy life. The feelings for her haven’t died and probably never will but I have no option other than to bury them alive. It pains me a lot at night because nights make me feel her absence and I can’t do anything to gain her presence back. So, I just plug in the earphones and listen to romantic tracks which makes my heart heavier and it cries from inside due to all the memories that still seem afresh. 

Sometimes, all I want is to run upto her and crash into her arms to cry, to let my feelings escape, to tell her how I can never be complete but I know I can’t.

All I can afford to do is to put a lid on my feelings and just accept the pain that comes with it. 

Nationalism Vs Anti Nationalism

Nationalism Vs Anti Nationalism

Disclaimer – These are purely my thoughts and I strongly believe on them. Yours may differ and again, I may or may not agree with your views. So, surge ahead with caution.

Exactly, one year ago.

Jawaharlal National University or JNU which is in Delhi witnessed something new. Some slogans were raised which were about Kashmir’s independence and Afzal Guru’s conviction. Slogans like “Bharat tere tukde honge”, “Tum jitney afzal maroge, har ghar se afzal niklega” and likewise were raised.

Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid were booked under anti national charges among another one. They are out on bail.

I mentioned about these two only because they hogged limelight the most.

Let me clear out the matter for those unaware of these two things.

First, Jammu and Kashmir was merged into India but with some special acts which granted some extra powers to the state. The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir accepted the accession to India. So, no one should even think of freedom from India but even then, the protest for so called freedom from India has kept on going since 1947. Such freedom protests aren’t held in any part of Jammu or its districts but only in Kashmir. Jammu is about 300 km away from Kashmir by road. So, why isn’t anyone from Jammu vouching for freedom from India? Why is it that only people from Kashmir want freedom?

Second, Afzal guru was convicted for 2001 Parliament attack and thus, was given death sentence by the court after years of trials. He was executed by hanging. So, one thing is clear that he is a terrorist in all ways possible. There’s nothing to debate on it.

The same thing has happened this year also, although some slogans were different and place was changed. The place now was Ramjas College that’s in Delhi. This time, the slogans were like “Kashmir maange azadi”, “Bastar maange azadi”.

The basic premise of why this happened is because Umar Khalid, yes the same Umar Khalid that was in the JNU row last year, was invited for a speech. SERIOUSLY.

Bastar is a naxalite Maoist area while Kashmir is a terrorism prone area.

Because of these slogans, clash took place between ABVP and AISI where both are now accusing each other of provoking violence.

There are videos on YouTube about the clashes although I don’t vouch for their authenticity or align with them.


Violence shouldn’t happen at any cost.

In between all this, a girl out of the blue named “Gurmehar Kaur” came forward with a video against the violence that happened and mostly accusing ABVP. She is the daughter of a Kargil martyr. One of the placards that she held in the video had written on it “Pakistan didn’t kill my dad. War did”.

Now, the thing is that India hasn’t ever initiated a war in its history and it’s known to all. So, even though the war did kill her dad, it was the Pakistan which initiated the war and therefore, Pakistan is the sole reason for her dad’s death.

In a way, she is questioning her father’s martyrdom and all those who died for the country in Kargil war because according to her, the war’s the reason.

Gurmehar Kaur is also supporting the protests by AISI. It’s the same AISI which agitated over the cancellation of seminar by Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid.

Virender Sehwag took a dig at her these words and Randeep Hooda supported him but they were attacked on twitter for this.

Also, Gurmehar Kaur stated that she got threats of rape from ABVP.


Points to be noted from the above happenings are –


Had Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid not been invited for a speech in seminar, no protests would have happened at all and everything would have gone peacefully.


There’s a line between Freedom of Speech and Speaking against the country. You breach that line and you will be condemned. At no cost, raising slogans in favour of a terrorist or for a state’s independence from the country come under freedom of speech.


If Gurmehar Kaur using freedom of speech kept her views, Virender Sehwag and Randeep Hooda too, are free to keep their views. If they get opposed for their views, then even Gurmehar’s views can be opposed.

Most of the media channels have shifted their focus to only the rape threats and the violent clash. The main topic has taken a back seat.

Why do students raise such slogans at the first place?

Why is “Freedom of Speech” misused?

If you term raising Kashmir’s independence’s slogans or any anti – national slogan as freedom of speech, then SORRY. I STRONGLY DISAGREE WITH YOU.


The Keyboard Warrior 

The Keyboard Warrior 

So, what really is a Keyboard Warrior? 

It’s a person who makes abusive or angry content on Internet while hiding the real identity. 

So, you can call me a keyboard warrior but not in real sense because I do vent out my anger and frustration against various things on Facebook but don’t hide my identity.  

So, if anyone wants to connect with me over Facebook to get an idea of what I post, 

Here’s the link to my profile -> Facebook

Also, I continuously push updates on my Insta profile about the first draft of the story I am working on. 

So, if anyone wants to connect over Instagram, 

Here’s the link to my profile -> Instagram 

Are you a keyboard warrior? I am waiting for your answers. 

WhatsApp Update 

WhatsApp Update 

So, this post is about the new whatsapp update that brought with itself a drastic change. 

I am talking about it because literally everyone uses whatsapp to remain connected with others. 

The old status option is gone and has made way for the new visual status option. Let me tell you, it’s a blatant rip off of snapchat’s feature. 

Gone are days when you would update a status and keep it as long as you wanted to. 

The new status option now disappears after 24 hours.

Whatsapp’s USP is that it’s a messenger which focuses on texts but that seems to be changing now with more visual content getting into mix. 

For me, this is the most shit update I’ve ever seen for whatsapp. 

WhatsApp is meant to be a texting app. So, why are they just making it complicated.

Snapchat had this… Ok

Insta copied it… Fine and I even use it a lot 

But why bring this to whatsapp… 

What are your views about this new update? 

It’s rolled worldwide now to both Android and Ios users. 

Insider news – The old status feature may come back as “Tagline” feature in future whatsapp releases. 

Image credits – WhatsApp 



I haven’t written this but found it somewhere on Facebook and it just made me smile. 

​किसी ने पूछा कभी इश्क हुआ था,

हम मुस्कुरा के बोले “आज भी है”…!! ❤❤

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