Lifeless Writer

His hands moved towards the keyboard of his Macbook. He started typing the site name and then pressed “Enter”.
The Facebook log in page opened up. He filled in his username and password which were still fresh in his mind like he typed them yesterday although he hadn’t opened his Facebook account for years now.
He took a deep breath and clicked on Log in. His FB id started opening up and within seconds it was on the screen. There were numerous notifications, friend requests and messages. He wasn’t bothered about them though. He straightaway typed a name in the search box “Maahi”. He hadn’t imagined what he was going to see. His gaze turned towards her surname. It was changed and he knew what it meant.
He opened up her profile and saw her profile picture that was just changed yesterday. He started viewing her timeline and in process found numerous images of her with her husband smiling happily. Tears filled his eyes cause it hurt him till now even after so many years but he still had a smile on his face seeing her smiling and happy face.
She got married a couple of months after their break up and this marriage with the other guy was the reason for their break up. He was still a struggling writer in those days and the caste problems further marred their relationship from changing into marriage but now the times had changed and he was the biggest writer from India spearheading into international scene. He felt pity for her that her husband was poor than him but he felt even more pity for himself as he had the love of his life.
Just when all the memories started rewinding themselves, his iPhone rang up.
“Hello sir, some of your fans have collected down here in the restaurant. I know it’s quite early but they are continuously asking for you and the crowd is literally getting bigger with each passing second.” her secretary said
His throat was choked as no word uttered through his mouth.
“Sir, are you alright?” she asked
“Yes, Rashmi I am alright. I am coming down but don’t tell them about it.” he replied and got ready after closing his Macbook
While walking down the stairs, he reminded himself “You have got no one Puneet. It’s just you and your fans. Make them smile and keep them happy through your words. Write till your last breath.”
And he wiped away his tears to face the shutter bugs and his fans, forcing a smile on his face for them…..

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