The Coffee Shop

He was there, looking out towards the street seeing people going to their destinations. Every person around him looked happy.
It was rainy season going on and moreover it had rained in the morning so the weather was cool. The subtle breeze continuously hit his face as though reminding him that he can still feel. Dust had settled making the air clear.
The coffee shop he was in was an open one without a shelter overhead.
He was lost in some old thoughts when the shop owner called him to tell him that his coffee is ready. He was a regular customer of this particular coffee shop. There was something special in this place.
He stood up and collected his cup of coffee.
He went back to his table and was just staring at his coffee when he heard a somewhat known voice. He didn’t look up cause he wasn’t sure but when he again heard that voice he looked up and at once the old memories flooded his mind.
She was sitting there talking with someone on the phone. He looked at her face but her hairs came in between the view. Then suddenly she turned thereby making her face visible to him. Their eyes met and an instant connection formed which transported them to some other world. A world full of broken dreams. His eyes were stuck with her eyes. Those beautiful eyes which were so magical.
A smile came on his face again after so many months looking at those eyes. All the love he had, seemingly thought now that it’s again time to come out. All his dreams felt like they would come true now.
But suddenly his attention went to her forehead and his smile disappeared in a second. That love which was till now thinking of coming out stopped itself and those dreams once again crashed.
Suddenly a man of seemingly his age came and sat by her chair. She shifted her gaze towards that man and they both started talking. The moment he saw them holding each others hand and that person kissing her hands he knew that person was his husband and they had just came here to maybe have some good time.
She looked at him once again and he knew all the doors are now closed for him.
He closed his eyes and wished for their well-being looking up towards the sky.
He had tears in his eyes when he opened his eyes. He looked at them and smiled looking towards them. They too looked at him and he stood up to leave. His coffee was still there untouched though now it had lost its warmth just like their relationship had lost everything. He heard her husband asking her “Do we know that man?”  but she couldn’t give an answer and kept mum.
He opened the door and left for some unknown destination, never to be seen again at that coffee shop….

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