Without Her

“Rahul, I have to go. We have to break this relationship right now. Please understand, we can’t continue it anymore. We both knew the consequences our relation would face in future but still you continued and indirectly I too continued cause I couldn’t let you go. You had promised me that you would leave my life once you find out that my family has found me a guy for marriage and here you are now not allowing me to go.” she said all this looking in my eyes directly

“But how can I let you go? You are everything I have got. Please don’t leave me. Do you remember those times when you would say that please don’t leave me and I never left you. No matter how much I had said at that time that I would go away from your life but it’s not at all easy for me.” I said

“That’s why I am taking this step. Someone has to brave enough between us to take this step and so I am taking this step of bravery.” she replied holding my hands

“But can’t we give our relationship another chance. Please. I will talk to your family. I will make them understand.” I pleaded to her with tears in my eyes

“Rahul, I know my family better. They won’t ever agree, so please leave this thought of even trying once. I am going and it’s getting late for me now. Please understand me and my situation. Please forget me and forgive me for everything I have done. I know I’m not doing right but i haven’t got any choice. Please live a happy life now. Take good care of yourself. I would love to see you smiling always. Find a better girl than me. If you want to, you could…. ” she couldn’t complete her sentence and i understood what she wanted to say
“I understand what you are gonna say.” I replied

I was going through myriad of emotions. I didn’t knew what else to say to her so that she stays in my life but deep down, I knew my words won’t work now.
And then she freed her hands from mine.

Suddenly everything blacked out and then a ray of light hit my eyes. I opened my eyes with much difficulty. My pillow had gotten wet with my tears as they were still coming out from my eyes. Then I realised that it was a dream. This dream was constantly haunting my life from the day she left me. The music system was playing her favourite tracks and the tracks she dedicated to me on a repeat mode at low volume. I grabbed the remote and paused it.
I was still dealing with the fact that she is no more in my life now. Instead, she is the life of some other person…

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