Perfection is a mirage

So today’s word is Perfection

Perfect – A 7 letter word that shouldn’t even exist because it’s not even real.
All of us run behind the perfection like getting perfect job, perfect mate, perfect this and perfect that. We have become the perfection sheep.
But actually “Perfection is a Mirage“.
God has made none of us perfect. We all have our flaws and we shouldn’t be wary of them. That’s how God has made us.
I don’t even agree with the quote that “Practice makes a man perfect“.
No, Only the Almighty is perfect in its every form. Practice can make human inch closer towards perfection but a human can never be perfect.
If human were to be perfect, wouldn’t we be God then?
We should and have to love every other person with their flaws only then we will be content with our lives.
If we aren’t perfect, how can we even think of other person to be perfect?
We should work for being real not for being perfect.

“Perfection doesn’t exist”

5 thoughts on “Perfection is a mirage

  1. actually the statement that practice makes a man perfect it is true in a way like in skills if you do it once you are not good at it but as alot of time you do so it is perfect like you have developed skill so in that way it is used yeah perfection is for allah only as you can see how beautiful and perfect is nature but the quote means hard work pays in the end and we are not perfect so we can work on our flaws and make it approximately to perfect and it can apply to skills and things that we do i think


      1. i see well i sometimes use it in a way which i think is wrong when i do some mistake and i am like why i have not done is perfect or when i am doing something like cooking or anything i want to make it perfect but it does not happen like we think so then i say we are humans not perfect 🙂

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          1. yeah but there are people who do it perfectly the things they do have not you seen many people cooking so good,giving a test 100 percent correct and the things they do are without flaw that is why there is a word perfect


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