The Best Moment

Emotions were overflowing inside me. I was happy to become a father but was nervous too praying that everything would go alright. Finally she started having labor pain and I had to admit her to the hospital. I informed her family about it.
And the good news came. A baby girl was born and I was delighted with happiness and joy. Both the mother and daughter were doing great. She had given birth to her naturally. Both of us dearly wanted our first baby to be girl. It wasn’t like we didn’t like a baby boy but we liked girl more. Yeah it was exactly opposite to society’s thinking where boy is given preference.
I went inside the room where the love of my life and my daughter were kept. She looked at me while I entered the room and instantly her eyes got wet. I went to her and kissed her forehead.
” You have given me the best present of my life ever and it’s not even my birthday. ” I said to her and kissed her on forehead
And then my gaze turned to my lovely new-born daughter. She was sleeping in her basket. The basket she was kept in was too big for it but actually she was too small for it. I went on her side and picked her in my arms. My eyes got wet and I didn’t knew why. Maybe these were the tears of joy. She was so light. Her fingers were curled and eyes were shut as she was still not adjusted to light being so long in dark inside her mother’s womb. I put my index finger inside the loop of her curled fingers and she immediately held it strongly. It’s strange that a new-born are so delicate yet their strength while holding something is commendable. I looked at her skin that was too delicate to be touched. It was pink in colour. Her head was covered with a bit of hair. I looked at her face. Her nose was too small. Her little mouth was a bit open and showed the muscular line that would get replaced by teeth with her growing up. Her fragrance reminded me of her mother who was watching us sharing a moment together.
“Ye kispe gayi hai? (Whom she resembles?) ” I asked her
“See, her eyes and hairs are like you” she replied touching her hairs
“Aur (And)” I said
“You tell” she replied still feeling her hairs
“And her little nose and lips are like you, my love” I replied
I have become a father now and had always dreamt of it.

17 thoughts on “The Best Moment

  1. This is a really good moment, but you could’ve make it a little stronger and more impactful to the man. Showing a little more of longing would’ve made the moment stronger.

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