The First Kiss

​She messaged me on Whatsapp to be there in the CCD at exactly 10 am tomorrow and then we wished each other good night. She was in the last year of her engineering while i had already completed my engineering and doing job in Bangalore. I was going to meet her after exactly one year and I was too excited for it. We knew each other from the schooling days. We became friends in 11th standard and from then this friendship went through various levels to finally stop at love. Our families knew about us. We were in relationship for past 7 years now and all these years we both supported each other through good and bad times. 
It was quite chilling out there. Just when i reached there, she also came. We shaked hands with each other and then went inside. 

“You look beautiful, Maahi” I said looking into her almond shaped eyes.

“Thank you for that compliment” she replied blushing 

“So what do you want to have?” I asked her 

“Anything you like” she replied

We ordered two classic lemonade and when it was time to pay, we decided to share it as always cause she would never allow me to pay alone. 

“You still aren’t changed a bit” I told her

“And why do you think like that” she asked me

“Because you still don’t allow me to pay alone” I replied 

“Meet, don’t be silly now” she replied coldly

I knew why she was behaving like this. 

“Lets go to the park” I told her

“As You wish” still the same cold reply

Just as we reached there, it started raining. It was winter’s first shower and she loved it. She went there in the open and started dancing in the rain like an eight year old kid. I went and hid myself under a tree nearby. 

“Maahi, come here I want to show you something” I told her

“Can’t you see I am busy in dancing” she replied

“Please its too urgent”

She came and i took out the ring I had bought for her after my little savings. Smile came back to her face. 

“Maahi, I can fight with the whole world but I can’t fight with your anger. Please never be angry with me. I know I should have come earlier but it was not in my hand. Please understand me. I love you.” I said with her hands in mine

She remained silent for a moment and then

“Kutte who told you buy such an expensive gift when you have just started your job. You are mad” she said smiling while still being angry at me 

“Yes, I am mad for you” I replied

“And I love you for that” she said

We both were looking straight into each other’s eyes searching for those unsaid things. 

And then I tilted my head a bit and in anticipation, she closed her eyes. Drops of water were all over her face sparkling and enhancing her beauty. Her hairs were wet and made her more gorgeous. He kohl was still in its place. Her lips never looked so kissable until now and my urge to kiss them overcame my senses. 

Then our lips met and a dam that had stored our infinite love for each other got broken. Her small pink lips were touching mine for the first time but it didnt felt like that. That water droplets on her lips felt like God’s gift to me. Her lips tasted a bit like strawberry but she hadn’t used a lip gloss. My one hand was between her wet hairs while other hand was behind her waist. She was scruffing my slightly wet hair because she loved to do play with my hair and i loved it too. It was winter but still we were feeling each others heat. We missed each other a lot and were showing it by the intensity of kissing each other. Her breath kept hitting my nose and i kept drowning into her. We lost the ability to think for that short period of time. Our senses stopped working. We were too busy in exploring each others lips. The warmth of her lips made me to kiss her more. It was pure pleasure and nothing else. 

But eventually we had to stop to catch our breath. 

13 thoughts on “The First Kiss

  1. the dancing part makes me remind of Bollywood you sure would be a fan of it to include her dancing in rain this one was romantic and intimate hahaha anyway welcome back 🙂

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