Haunting Night 

​The night sky was filled with haphazardly located twinkling stars. The night which usually brings calmness to everyone’s life would bring storm to his life everytime. His apartment was situated away from the hush bush of over crowded city. Moreover, his apartment was on the top floor and hence he had access to the terrace.

He was looking up trying to find something but couldn’t hold his view for much longer. His bloodshot eyes weren’t able to remain open for so long. Moreover, his body was swaying here and there. He was totally under the control of alcohol. 

He gulped another neat shot of the Whisky which gave him a burning sensation down the throat. He was murmuring something when a breeze of cool air hit him and he thought there’s someone saying something to him. So he tried to listen to it. 

“I never thought there were so many stars in the sky. The city light made it impossible to see the stars. It’s the best gift you have given me till now. I can’t thank you enough. I love you so much. I won’t leave you ever.” 

But only to realise later that it was his mind playing games and replaying memories. His mind played her words on repeat since the inevitable happened. He broke down and started crying profusely like a child had lost his favourite toy. 

“Why?” he screamed loudly looking up to the sky while tears made his face wet

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16 thoughts on “Haunting Night 

  1. That was so emotion filled and very impactful. You could tell he was in a lot of pain without you having to tell it straight out.

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