Moon at 8’o clock 

​She was keeping an eye on the wall clock while sitting on the dining table cutting vegetables. Just moments before it was going to be 8’o clock, she finished her job of cutting vegetables and gave it to her mother who was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen. 

It was 8’o clock and the wall clock started playing the tune informing everyone that another hour had been passed.

It was winter season but she still went up to terrace with bare feet. The cold cement of stairs and the terrace seemed to have no effect on her. A slow cold breeze was flowing that was just enough to move the few clouds present in the sky with snail’s pace. Every breath she exhaled was clearly visible for a moment as her warm and humid breath instantly turned foggy before getting dissappeared. There was no one around. Just the silence, moon and her. 

She looked up towards the sky to see the moon. The moon was playing hide and seek. She kept looking at the moon quietly in search of something. She seemed to talk to the moon through her eyes. Soon her beautiful eyes got wet as some old memories replayed in her mind. She felt like God was purposely making the slow breeze flow to wipe away her tears and she smiled at the thought of it. 

When just the thoughts of someone can bring tears in your eyes, you know how much they love you. 

She got cheated and dumped by him about 6 months ago but she still came to see the moon everyday at 8’o clock just because they both had promised so while being in the relationship. 

Even though, he may not be keeping his promise because he was just playing with her emotions but her love for him was pure and it still hadn’t died… 

Image credits – HD wallpapers

P.S – It just came in my mind and I wrote it in one flow. 

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