Thank You

​Hi to all the followers of my blog. 

Thank you for being there and taking out the precious time from your lives to read my posts.

It’s not that I just comment on your posts or like them just for the sake of doing it. I literally love your posts and I take inspiration from them. So don’t get surprised some day if I write something that feels like a continuation of your posts. 

Specially, I am writing this post to give you a hint of what’s  cooking in my mind and what’s coming up. 

I am going to post the feelings of a guy and girl on the day of girl’s marriage after they got separated. Writing from a girl’s prespective was a bit tough for me but I have nonetheless tried. 

I also have been thinking of posting a story divided in parts. It’s gonna be a long one. Although I have yet to decide the storyline. 

I welcome if anyone of you want me to write on a particular topic. I will try my best to write it. 

Again, Thank you for following the blog. You all are amazing. ☺️

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20 thoughts on “Thank You

      1. i think i would really appreciate if u would write on humanity. the basic things that make us human and how being a human is powerful.

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      2. i see you are now writing on topics which your readers say i read about the article humanity so here is the reason the topic name came from yeah its a good way for suggestions i will suggest write about something like why boys like games,matches a lot and reasons for hating serials which majority of men dislike as your boy you should write from a boy point of you as well on things which girls could not write and also give me a topic as well i would love to write on a topic you give lets challenge ourselves 🙂

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