Human and Humanity 

First of all, Thank you Gagan Khaira for giving me this topic to write on. 

I want to ask all of you, How do you describe humanity? 

For me, humanity means compassion and compassion means concern or sympathy for suffering or misfortunes of others. Be it another human, any animal or bird. 
Humanity is the biggest gift given to us by God yet in today’s time, it’s getting fainter.
All of us just like animals need food to eat, water to drink and air to breathe for keeping ourselves alive yet it’s the humanity that makes us human and makes us different. 
Without humanity, we are just like animals and that’s a pity. 

It’s humanity that makes us cry seeing someone in agonising pain.

It’s humanity that makes us sad seeing someone less fortunate than us. 

It’s humanity that makes us happy seeing someone poor eating one full meal of the day. 

It’s humanity that invokes the feeling of helping the needy. 

It’s humanity that invokes anger inside us seeing something wrong happening. 

We feel different emotions ranging from happiness to jealousy… 

We fall in love… 

We experience a heartbreak when getting cheated… 

We break down and cry when something hurts us or someone leaves us… 

We lose hope when something doesn’t happens the way we thought… 

We cheat and lie for various reasons… 

We shout when we are angry… 

We laugh when we are happy or something hilarious happens… 

How’s being a human the most powerful thing? 
We can use just our words to 

behave as a medicine for someone’s pain…

raise someone’s hope… 

make them feel loved and important… 

Ever seen a small child trying to walk? 

He fails and gets hurt numerous time yet he doesn’t stop trying because it’s his nature. He has to try to be able to walk. He has to fail and get hurt trying this.

So what do we interpret from this? What inspiration do we get from that child? 

Never ever give up. This is the most powerful thought a human can think of. 

We should make trying our habit, our nature. We will get hurt, we will fail but never stop trying. 

P.S – Don’t just be a human, be a human with humanity. 🙂 

Image credits – Wallpapers

14 thoughts on “Human and Humanity 

  1. thank you so much for writing on this topic and that too so soon. you did complete justice to the topic. loved every bit of it. we all need to be humans with humanity.

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  2. Great post.It is the humanity that is the source of all joy and pain in mankind.We need to preserve it as it is precious.

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  3. excellent post your right humanity is getting fainter we are getting heartless got hurt so much that it does not matter if another is hurt or feel the pain even if we do the five words SORRY are impossible to say cause our ego can not allow it saying we have done so much how can we say it and then hear the other person get angry at us etc
    now coming to humanity for me its something like not swear at someone else that is another thing i do not know any good swearing words lol anyway so yeah considerate about others emotions and want for the other the same you want for yourself and the wars going around the world like in Palestine,Syria,Lebanon,Iraq,Kashmir and any other place under war violence killing really hurts me so yeah feeling for them is humanity for me

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  4. I was wondering around and got here, and I’m very glad that happened
    there are many things that we usually don’t think in our every day lives ad you put many of those things here and it’s wonderful, humanity indeed is what we are and what we choose o be 😀

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