Love Isn’t Just A Word 

​”Hey sweetheart, I am home.” he said loudly while opening the door and entering the home

“My darling’s home quite early today.” she said smiling

She tried to get up from the couch by keeping one hand on the couch while other on her stomach trying to balance herself. 

The bump had gotten quite big now as it was her 7th month. 

“No No No, You rest and sit there. I will handle other things.” he said softly and came towards her after keeping his bag and other items on the dining table 

He came towards her and sat down in front of her. He put his hand on her stomach bump and kissed it lightly. She put her hand softly on his head playing with his hairs. 

“So how are my babies? ” he asked looking at her smiling 

“Babies?”  she asked confused 

“Yes, you are my baby too. You are my first baby and then comes this little fella’s number ” he replied still smiling while holding her face in his hand 

She blushed. 

“Both your babies are fine. Don’t worry my dear hubby.” she replied smiling and gave him a kiss on lips 

Her body was taking toll due to the pregnancy but she was happy to bear all this, just to see the love of her life happy. 

“You are so beautiful. The more you age, the more beautiful you get. You are my solace. I never find enough words to tell you how much I love you.” he said looking into her eyes with a warmth that made her eyes tearful 

And she knew she was the luckiest woman on earth. He loved her the same way still after 5 years. He loved her even when she didn’t looked her best. He loved her flaws. He loved her soul. 

Love isn’t just a word to say. 

Love can be expressed even by the simplest of care.

25 thoughts on “Love Isn’t Just A Word 

  1. beautiful i think a women during this stage is considered still beautiful i find them beautiful cause there a special glow on there face as well and a beauty that could not be explained nice post

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