Awards Once Again

​So, I am again nominated for Sunshine blogger award and Versatile blogger award. Now, it’s my 2nd time being nominated for these two awards. 

It’s really kind of for nominating me. I am thankful to her. She has an awesome blog going on. Do visit it so that you aren’t missing out on something great. She’s quite active here too. 

I have changed some rules a bit to make it easier for you. 


Rules to be followed – 

Thank the person who nominated you.

Share the award on your blog.

Share seven random facts about yourself.

Tag 10 followers with less than 1000 followers and let them know that they have been nominated.

Seven random facts about me –

I am an introvert although my blog would suggest otherwise. 

I am a lazy person. 

I love sleeping. 

I love making people smile although recently I have tried not to do so. 

I love to sing although my voice is really bad. 😐

I fear water. 

I am a guy if you had any suspicion. 😂

You can share any number of facts and not necessarily 7.

It depends on you how much followers you want to tag. 


The rules – 

Thank the person that nominated you.

Answer the questions from your nominator.

Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.

Give them 10 questions to answer.

Answers to questions asked – 

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to your younger sibling?

Don’t fear anyone and be bold.

Are you satisfied with your current situation? Why or Why not?

I am not currently satisfied with my situation because there’s a lot I have to achieve externally and internally.

Religion or Spirituality. Which one would you choose and Why?

Its a 50 – 50 situation for me. I think religion defines a person and that shouldn’t happen. Religion is like a rule while spirituality is like a belief. I would chose half from both of them because I feel I believe in both.

What’s your take on LGBT rights and why?

These rights should be there so that they can level up with the so called normal world.

What was the best advice someone ever gave you and who was it?

My mom always tells me to be patient and that’s the best advice.

I would like to ask you 10 questions.

Do you believe in love at first sight? 

The best place you have visited? 

Are you an emotional person? 

What’s your interpretation of being in love?

Do you like reading novels? If yes, then of what genres? 

Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert person? 

Given a chance of going away in the dark sky to explore the universe or going deep down inside the ocean, what would you choose?

What’s your take on inter caste marriages? Acceptable or Not?

What inspires or pushes you to write?

What do you think of my blog posts and writing style? (Sorry for being selfish😁)

Combined nomination list for both the awards –

P.S – I try to nominate as much persons as I can so that I can know more about them.

Image credits – Brew minaries


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