Next Stage – Part 1

​She got dressed up nicely in a pair of crop top and jeans. She didn’t believed in heavy makeup. Just a bit of kohl and lip gloss applied and she was ready to give competition to even the international models. Her natural beauty didn’t required the extra touch of makeup. Once ready, she took an Uber cab and reached her destination that was quite away from her home. She informed her parents about where she was heading and by what time she expected to return. Her parents reminded to take care of herself and be safe. She happily agreed to make them comfortable. 

She went straight to the Nehru park or better known as Lover’s Park because it was the only “safe” place in the city where unmarried couples or particularly “love birds” could enjoy those peaceful moments. 

She was waiting for him while sitting on the bench and continuously looked here and there searching a special face between hordes of unknown ones. Just then, her eyes shone like the brightest star as she saw his face from a distance. Her lips curved to form a big smile. This smile was because of the love of her life. He looked so handsome in those rugged jeans and kurta that even though he was some meters away, she was blushing unknowingly. Her cheeks turned red. She stood up as he came near her. The first thing he noticed was her red cheeks. 

“What happened to my baby’s cheeks? Did someone slapped you?” he teased her 

She looked at him and punched him into stomach playfully. 

“You won’t change ever.” she replied smiling 

“Not till I am with you.” he replied and hugged her

She felt secured and cozy between his arms. She kept blushing. The glow on her face was clear indication of how happy she was to see him. His perfume’s fragrance hit her nostrils and she got lost into it. She hugged him more tightly. 

“What happened baby? You never hug me so tightly in public?” he whispered into her ear

“I just want to feel you. I missed you so much.” she replied

They were in a long distance relationship and hence were meeting after two months of gap. 

They were lost in each other’s embrace. The heat from their heart and body longed to unite but then they had to part away cause she had something going in her mind. They started walking without any words exchanging between them. Just her head on his shoulder and their hands holding onto each other. They were just enjoying the silence. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable but soothing. While walking, he would intermittently bring up her hand to his lips and kiss her hand as he couldn’t resist getting a feel of her soft skin on his lips. 

“I love you” she said softly into his ears and he felt his heart melt right there 

“Baby, you sound different today. You sure are cooking something in your mind, aren’t you?” he said teasing her again

“Oh shut up my dumbo.” she started laughing

And he looked at her in amazement. He just couldn’t afford to lose her. She was his soul mate. She was his perfect companion. She completed him. He smiled looking at her. He was looking her laughing after so long. How much he missed seeing her laugh. 

“Don’t worry, nothing’s cooking my baby.” she said and kissed his cheeks

“I have already cooked something” she said to herself in mind

“You said something?” he asked 

“Nothing. Let’s walk over to that fountain.” she replied 

It always amazed her as to how he could read her thoughts. “Maybe love grants this special power.” she thought to herself

She stopped in front of the fountain and turned towards him. 

“What happened? Come on, we have seen this fountain umpteenth times. Now don’t say, you want to take a selfie.” he once again playfully teased her 

“I won’t do that today.” she replied looking straight into his eyes 

“Then what are you upto?” he looked with suspicion now

To be continued… πŸ˜‰

Image credits – Aryanhurts

32 thoughts on “Next Stage – Part 1

        1. I wanted to end it on a happier note but you are saying for a twist. I will have to think now.
          BTW WordPress’s commenting system seems to be on a downhill. Even simple comments are going in spam list. 😐

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          1. There need to be some surprises instead of a simple happy ending…
            I was also feeling some issue in wp…initially thought of network error, but you are also saying the same…

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            1. See you commented but this went into my spam section. Although my current setting is to approve every comment.
              BTW I have already posted many sad stories so was thinking of giving my followers a story to smile about. πŸ™‚

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  1. That is really fab , like something picturized just before your eyes. Very well written!
    Eagerly waiting for the next part! May be she broke up , I don’t know let the suspense broke with more thrill!

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