Trust Is Fragile 

He knew that her trust was Fragile like a glass yet he broke it, only to change her views about love and relationships for the rest of her life. 

Image credits – Wallpapercave

13 thoughts on “Trust Is Fragile 

            1. Sometimes yes we do need such person. I have read somewhere that not everyone needs such person (soulmate) but some do need them. Such persons (soulmate) do exist. I am saying because I had one. Unfortunately, she isn’t with me now. (I will post about soulmates ASAP)
              It’s not unbearable to clear someone’s doubts. I genuinely love to help people.
              P.S – The comments issue is such that all my comments on other’s post go to their spam folder because of akismet’s (spam protection service) glitch. You will have to checkout your spam folder of comments and mark my comments as not spam and then approve my comments from pending folder. Slowly, akismet will learn from all your actions that my comments aren’t spam. I know it’s a tedious process but it’s the only one. 😐😧


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