Real Feelings – Part 3

​”Tujhe bhula diya… Fir kyu teri yaadon ne… Mujhe rula diya….

You know diary, this track from the movie “Anjaana Anjaani” was playing on my phone through the earphones. It brought all the endless memories back. I am still amazed as to how a single song can so easily define all you are going through. All my thoughts agreed to each and every line of the song.

My mind and heart seems to be in a tussle. This song just aptly describes my situation. My mind says that you have forgotten her but my heart disagrees strongly. She still has the power to make me cry. Her memories make me sad and emotional. I think I am still in love with her. I still feel it’s wrong if I even try to see any other girl. I still feel I am in a relationship with her. I still feel as much devoted to her.

I won’t be able to forget anything. I won’t be able to forget her divine laugh, her mesmerising smile, her mysterious hazel brown eyes. I won’t be able to forget our little fights and how they got us more closer.

You will be thinking that she was just a girl. Grow up Puneet and move on. No, it isn’t like that. She wasn’t just a girl I loved but more than that. She was my soulmate. The connection I had with her on an emotional level is way beyond words. The kind of relationship I had with her can’t be explained in words.

I would always feel like something is missing from my life but when she came, I felt complete and now when she isn’t in my life, I again feel incomplete. Her presence in my life was sufficient enough for me to be happy. She understood my unspoken words while I understood her silence. I could read her eyes and she would always get amazed. She was the little ray of light in my otherwise dark life. Now when she’s  gone, I am unable to find my way through this darkness. She supported me through thick and thin even though we were in a long distance relationship. We never broke each other’s trust. We had blind faith on each other.

But I guess, God had some other plans. We are like those intersecting lines which once crossed each other to not meet again ever…. 

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P.S – I hope it to be the last of the trilogy. 

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