Hiking In Shimla 

I recently went to Shimla with my friends for a change. It’s monsoon season going on in India right now. We went to Summer Hill University which is situated at the top of hill. While we were on the way, it started raining but by the time we reached there, it had stopped raining. Then we started walking down the road through the thick forest. 

The fog made the whole place look so beautiful. There were not a lot of cars moving up and down the road to disturb the peace. The serene nature made me fall in love with the peace. The peace outside was in contrast with the disorder and restlessness inside me. 

The wet road, the drops of water falling down from the leaves, the cold breeze touching my skin, the greenery all around, the fragrance of wet soil.

I just can’t forget those moments.

Image credits – Myself 

Daily prompt word – Hike

34 thoughts on “Hiking In Shimla 

  1. I love this. Would you take a second to look at my blog and let me know your thoughts 🙂 it would be greatly appreciated! Trying to get my works out there!!!!


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