Day Dream

​”Hey, Dev.  Where are you? Come back soon from office. I have to tell you something important.” she said 

“What’s so important honey? Tell me on the phone.” he replied adjusting his phone between his shoulder and ear

“Arey, I am telling you. Just come home early today. I don’t want to listen anything else, bas.” she said ordering him with love 

“Ok, my real boss. I will be home earlier today. Happy now?” he said trying to make her smile 

“Yes, very happy. Now concentrate on your work. Bye. Love you.” she replied 

“Bye. Love you too.” he replied ending the conversation with a kiss

She had married him and now wanted to share with him the news about her pregnancy. She wanted to see his expressions, that’s why she was forcing him to come home early. 

She was smiling. 


The sound of glass crashing pulled her back to present. She was thinking of him and her hand by chance touched the photo frame leading it to fall down and break. She married him in her dreams. She loved him more than her life. 

Now that she was back to present, she realized she was day dreaming. The one she loved wasn’t going to be her husband. The one she dreamt of getting old with wouldn’t be her husband. Some other person would take her name and would make love to her.

This filled her with rage and she started throwing all the items placed on the shelf to floor. All the gifts he had given her and the hand written letters were there at the floor now.

She looked at the pieces of shattered glass photo frame having their photograph and started reassembling it but in vain. Instead, the pieces of photo frame made their way into her soft skin making her hands bleed but she couldn’t feel the pain. No pain was bigger to her than their separation. Her body was numb to outer pain.

She kept sitting there cursing her life, cursing herself while crying profusely. The floor and her clothes got stained with deep red colour. She kept murmuring “Sorry, Dev”. The photo in the frame too got stained with red and seeing this, she remembered his words

“Our love is deeper than the colour of our blood.”

P.S – Sometimes we have to give up our love for the sake of those who gave birth to us 

23 thoughts on “Day Dream

  1. Actually it was never to be happen, neither she had called her nor he had promised to come, it was just a dream she dreamt. And the broken glass made her to met the reality of her broken heart. I love to read crime genre but your stories develop my keen interest in romance.

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