Another Attack 

​It was in the wee hours of the day that something seriously bad happened. 

The soldiers were most probably sleeping, totally unaware of what next was going to happen. 

The silence of the morning was breached by the violent explosions and gunfire. 

The sound of birds chirping was nowhere to be heard. 

There was chaos and tension. 

4 militants that had come with one mission “Kill as many before getting killed”. 

“Fidayeen militants” are what they called. 

These 4 killed our 18 soldiers. 

Soldiers who were from different parts of India. 

Some of whom had a huge family to support, 

Some who were going to be married soon, 

Some who was the only child of his parents, 

It’s been 69 years since independence but our soldiers keep dying even in our own country. 

“Kadi ninda” won’t work this time because it has never worked 

“Take revenge”, “Avenge the deaths of our soldiers” is the call, 

But will something concrete be done this time? 

Only time will tell…..

P.S – There have unconfirmed reports about a surgical strike across the LoC which killed 20 militants. 

23 thoughts on “Another Attack 

  1. Well there is a very aggressive reaction we have given,…. Which is good. Missiles and snipers are ready at LOC anytime to shoot them… Also, nawaz sharif’s speech in UN shows how pakistan govt is involved in riots and disturbance in kashmir. He said that kashmiris are fighting for there freedom? I don’t understand why someone want to free from democracy. How someone can get more freedom? Its only possible when someone corrupts there mind. Anyway there is a huge recruitment going on in military for kashmiris. May be this will resolve the issues. I don’t wish that we have war because its just a way in which more innocents will be killed. Pakistanis are innocent, even they lost there children in peshawar attack but even now there govt support terrorism.

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    1. Yes, I know of these reactions. Tanks have been sent through train.
      It’s just a bunch of retarded people there that are doing this.
      Being from Jammu, I know this really affects everyone there. The trade is affected because of disturbance.
      The people there rooting for independence are brain washed.

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    1. That’s why it boils my blood more than anyone else. Seeing soldiers die. Even though it takes a whole day to travel through road to Kashmir from Jammu, the effect of disturbance is such that traders are in a huge loss. Moreover, most of the revenue of my state is dependent on tourism.

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