Generous Nature Gone Wrong 

Being generous was her nature but little did she knew that this quality of her would go against her and inflict an inrepairable damage on her soul and body.

P.S – I am loving this style of using daily prompts in a single sentence to tell you something. Do tell me your views about it? 

Image credits – Hope4you


29 thoughts on “Generous Nature Gone Wrong 

  1. Indeed, I think in this long run of life there comes a point that we can relate to this point, may be already gone through or will, because now or then generosity brings pain.
    That’s what there is always a problem with a generous people like us, haha.

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    1. Haha.. Yes.. It does create pain but it’s also the thing which differentiates us from others. No matter how bad others become, we should remain good and do good. 😊

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  2. My thinking is slightly different, according to me generosity can be strength but not the weakness. Nobody should be allowed to take the liberty of anyone kindness, goodness and generosity. This world don’t allow good people to survive, and that’s the bitter truth of life!

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    1. I agree with you and even I don’t think that it’s a weakness. I just do what I feel is right and leave everything on God. Even if someone takes liberty of our generosity, I believe in karma.

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      1. Yeah, I too believe in karma. I have written one post also some days back, Amazing circle of life.
        God sees everything and yes, Lord Krishna has said that we should not allow anyone to take liberity from us not even our own relatives.

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