​Thank you for showing so much love. I am so grateful to all of you. I am mending some rules according to me. So, you too are free to mend some rules accordingly.

Versatile blogger award 

Thank you so much Sheryl and Catherine for nominating me for this award. 


  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven (7) different facts about yourself.
  • Nominate fifteen (15) blogs of your choice.
  • Link your nominees.

Facts about me –

  1. I am a Loveaholic. 
  2. I love sleeping. 
  3. I love writing as it’s my way to express feelings. 
  4. I am a lazy guy. 
  5. I am a nature lover. 
  6. I want to roam and experience new places. 
  7. I am a very romantic person.

Nominees are –

Sanskriti sharma

Nisthur Anadi

The insider 


Blogger recognition award

Thank you mychronicles007.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award. You’re an amazing writer.

Rules –

  • Post to show your followers the Award.
  • Briefly share the experience why you started your blog first.
  • Give a piece of advice to new bloggers.
  • Thank your nominator and provide a link to your nominator’s blog address.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers.

My Experience –

I had no concrete thought of starting a blog. I took it casually because I thought there are others who are more talented than me and moreover I didn’t knew about blogging. I just took a chance and the journey started. 

Advice –

I am still sorta newbie. So, I will give you just one advice. 

Don’t stop your thoughts. Start penning them down and arrange them later on.”

Nominees are – 

Sanskriti sharma 

Nisthur anadi


Sunshine Blogger Award 

Thank you boundlessblessingsblog.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award. You are such a nice person.

Rules –

  • Thank the person that nominated you.
  • Answer the questions from your nominator.
  • Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
  • Give them 10 questions to answer.

Answers to the questions asked – 

Who is your favorite musical artist and why? 

It’s difficult to chose one because there are lots of them but I would still pick ‘Sonu nigam’ because his voice is so versatile, sweet and soothing.

Give me a link to one of their best songs!

Again a tuff one. I guess you should yourself search that out because everyone’s surreal.

What’s your favorite food? Do you happen to have the recipe? If so, totally share it!

My favourite is Red kidney beans. Sorry, I don’t have the recipe.

What’s one funny/cool/random fact about yourself? We want to know!

Everytime a song starts playing, I start singing it and synchronize with its lyrics. Then, I feel like I am the one singing the song. Haha. LoL.

So your questions are – 

  1. Which Harry Potter character you want to be and you feel are? 
  2. What is your interpretation of love? 
  3. What do you think of my blog? 

Nominees are – 




Nisthur anadi 

All the best… 


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