Ice Broken

He was continuously looking here and there as in search of a particular face. The coffee shop was in a secluded place giving a serene view of the city. Not many knew of this coffee shop. It had rained just yesterday and hence, the dust had settled down giving a more clear view of everything around. Everything was feeling fresh. 

And suddenly, he saw the face that he was looking for. 

She was dressed in an Indian attire with minimal makeup. Hairs tied up in a ponytail while eyes laced up with kohl. Her flawless skin needed no makeup. His eyes lighted up brightly. He stood up to wish her as she came in front of him but he fumbled while introducing himself and she smiled shyly. He knew he was a such a loser as he ought not to fumble up their first meet. Moreover, her beauty just shook his confidence. He already knew about her liking for coffee and so, had already ordered two. 

The coffee came and they shifted their gaze to the steam coming our from their cups of coffee. For some minutes, nobody uttered a word. He kept looking at her through the corner of his eyes while she kept her gaze down. She was blushing. Both didn’t knew what to talk about but the ice had to be broken. 

Just then, he unknowingly put his finger into the coffee and the hotness of the coffee made him give an instant reaction. 

Ouch” he exclaimed and stuffed his finger into his mouth

She looked up at him in astonishment. 

What happened? Where was your concentration?” she asked with a delicate smile 

On you.” he replied and this made her blush. 

The ice had been broken and it gave way for the start of a blissful journey… 

Image credits – What to say

37 thoughts on “Ice Broken

      1. Yes it indeed was painful.
        What I conclude from your posts is you express the things you’ve been through very mindfully. Besides, you’re good at expressing the ones you haven’t been through but just felt.
        And I feel that’s a prerequisite for any writer.
        May you go a long way.
        Happy to connect 🙂
        Do check my updates. I hope you’ll like them 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you so much and you are the first one who has truly understood how I write. Yes, many of things I have felt and many I just keep myself in the character’s perspective to understand.
          You summed up very well about how I write. Thank you again. It was one of the best comments.
          Yes, I am following you (on the blog of course haha) and have commented on some. Will comment further. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

          1. “You summed up very well about how I write. Thank you again. It was one of the best comments.”
            This means a lot 🙂
            Happy that such souls exists 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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