Her Perfect Facade

​She feared love, for she thought it brings pain and thus, hid herself behind what she thought as a perfect facade until he came in her life and showed her how beautiful and blissful love really is. 

P.S – This one word made me think a lot. It was very difficult. 

Image credits – Feelgrafix

31 thoughts on “Her Perfect Facade

                  1. Due to studies..aaj hi mumma ne kaha ke bas month me ek baar he blog karna..So I’ll have to obey her…
                    But don’t worry after 7 months I’ll blog frequently..as I have many poems in my diary who are waiting for me to publish them…

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                    1. Han to you haven’t yet joined college na.. You are school going for me.. Haha…
                      Good luck for the entrance.
                      Han, uda to di hai dhajjiya. 😂😂

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