I Am No Relationship Counselor 

​Let me tell you all “I am not a relationship counselor”


I know by my recent convo with some of you and the kind of stories I post, you may think of me as a relationship counselor selling the idea of love but believe me, I am not. 😉

I just want to share my views. That’s all. 😊

I am a firm believer of love, has always been and will always remain. I have been through a heartbreak and even then I believe in love. 

For me, love isn’t just wishing each others valentine’s day or kissing each other or numerous gifts or showing off your relationship to the world. 

For me, love means that I have someone beside me who holds such an important place in my life. 

For me, love means that I can share each and everything with that person. 

For me, love means caring and trusting each other selflessly. 

For me, love means to atleast try to be with each other. 

For me, love means to keep them happy and smiling by whatever I do.
Peeps, I just share my views regarding love. Yes, I am way more optimistic about love because it’s like that. 

Just like there’s a saying that “Without sadness, there’s no meaning of happiness”

Similarly, without a heartbreak, there’s no importance of love. 

We get cheated by someone, we lose trust, our heart breaks. It’s a normal thing. Yes, it pains. It will obviously. 

Until we don’t understand how painful love can be, we will never be able to appreciate love.

Yes, these days love has become a sort of fashion term. 
Just saying I love you doesn’t mean anything until it is proved by the efforts of a a person.

Maintaining a relationship demands time and attention. It’s not like you expressed your feelings by saying “I love you”  and everything will perfectly fall in place afterwards. 

A relationship will never lose its charm if you keep doing those things which you did at the start of relationship for the years to come. Over the course of relationship, you will find a lot of good and bad things about your partner. It’s that decisive moment when you have to accept their flaws or not, so that the relationship can go ahead. 

A great relationship has love, trust, fights, anger, jealousy and compromise. 

Someone rightly said… 

It’s easy to fall in love but staying in love with the same person is difficult”. ❤️

P.S – Even then you have any questions regarding love, hit me. I mean to say contact me. 😛😛

Image credits – Dabiramagazine.com


114 thoughts on “I Am No Relationship Counselor 

    1. Well, the way we deal with situations changes. Nothing else changes. In a long relationship, there comes a time when loves takes a dip but it’s the understanding between the two persons which takes the relationship ahead.


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