Only Physically Fine 

​He was in a green loose shirt and green pyjamas looking at an image in the photoframe which he was holding in his hands. For a second, he made a smiling face and another second, he made a sad face. Then he started moving his fingers over the picture. There was silence around him even though there were about 10 other persons in the big hall like room. The table beside his bed had a table which had some fruits on it. The bed was just like the one in government hospitals although the mattress quality was better. 

Just then, a female doctor dressed in a green saree with white coat worn over it entered the room and straightaway went to him. 

Sameer, how are you now?” she asked with utmost care 

He didn’t reply. He was busy moving his fingers over the picture. 

The nurse touched his head and he immediately looked at her.

I.. I am fine.” he said fumbling 

N….N…Nurse… She… She will come na.” he added showing her the picture 

The doctor felt a bit emotional and didn’t knew what to say but she still replied. 

Yes, Sameer. She will. You are a sweet guy.” she replied 

Th.. Thank you but wh…when will she come?” he asked again 

And this time she had no answer. She kept mum and just started checking his reports. He kept repeating the question  innocently which brought tears to her eyes. 

She had left him for she found a better person. Better in the sense of money and looks. Yes, Sameer wasn’t the most handsome and rich guy but he loved her deeply. He was a very emotional guy too and thus when she left him, he couldn’t take all this. While coming back home, he met with an accident which caused severe injury to his brain. Physically, he was fine now but mentally, he wasn’t. 

His journey hopped from a budding writer to hospital and now to a mental asylum maybe for the rest of his life. 

52 thoughts on “Only Physically Fine 

            1. Yeah, 13 or 14 years isn’t the age when you understand love. It’s when you approach the 20s atleast and even then it depends on the type of person, their mentality.

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                  1. Yes! Even I don’t believe love at first sight..
                    I don’t know much about this, type of love….But what I’ve heard is, being loved by someone is something you can never explain in words…you can just feel it….

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                    1. Let me tell you.. Love at first sight isn’t love at all.. Its just attraction which may or may not set course for further things.
                      When someone loves you, they are there for you always, they care for you without thinking twice.
                      When you have someone who loves you, you will feel happy from inside, you will feel content, you won’t feel any stress.

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                    2. Welcome.
                      Love finds us. We don’t find love. Just never push yourself into love. Your heart will itself give the answer about how you feel for someone.
                      Do tell me though. 😊 I would be happy if I can be of any help.
                      Have a nice day (when it comes) 😁
                      Till then good night. 😊

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    1. That’s a big thing to say that someone else is better. 😉
      Well, Thank you for the appreciation. The reason behind this post is your’s latest one. Your latest post made me emotional and sad. 🙂

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      1. well… I was actually drenched in sorrow when I wrote it… and the fact you could feel it makes me feel accomplished as a writer. 🙂 so that u for that.

        PS:- are u a night owl as well.. I thought it’s just me 😛

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            1. Haha… Feeling emotions comes as naturally to me as eating food. It’s like my daily need.
              Maybe that’s why emotional persons can write so well as they have the power to move the reader.

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                1. Don’t worry. There are many who will understand (including me).
                  Sometimes after completing writing, I feel the emotions are a bit less in this. My words aren’t in synchronization with the emotions I want to put in and I am like what do I do now. 😐

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  1. Wow… (no, not for what happened but what you wrote)
    That will be a great achievement for me if my writings can provoke emotions like yours…
    Thats really a true gift to make your reader full of emotions while reading what you wrote!
    Why are all the writer’s emotional? Is it because they mean every word they write?

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    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. I am really glad I could invoke emotions in you by my writing. 😊😊
      I don’t think all writers are emotional. 😉
      Whenever I write, I imagine myself as the character and then write what I feel.
      So, actually you read my emotions. 🙂
      I want to really make readers feel the emotions.

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