Love Doesn’t Age

“You still look beautiful and you still make my heart skip a beat.” he said after sipping coffee from his cup 

She blushed. 

“And you are still a charmer.” she said putting her cup on the small table while he kept looking at her

“Gosh, how lucky I was that you accepted my proposal.” he said with a shine in his eyes 

“Well, you were so nice and good. How could I have resisted that proposal?” she replied while keeping her hands on his hands 

“Am I not nice and good now?” he asked with eyebrows raised and a different expression 

She laughed at his expression and he smiled seeing her laugh. 

It was a Sunday morning. Everything was peaceful, from their life to the surroundings around them. Their children were still in the lap of sleep as it was a Sunday. The birds were chirping in front of them in the garden as they sat and enjoyed their cup of coffee. 

It’s been 20 years since they have been married and they never got bored of each other. Even the wrinkles and a bit of white hairs had no effect on their love for each other. 

He kept showering her with compliments every now and then, that never allowed their love to age.

P.S – Keep doing small things to make your partner smile and your love will never age. πŸ™‚

Image credits – King of wallpapers

48 thoughts on “Love Doesn’t Age

        1. Those who do work on their relationship so much do love each other truly. Love demands sacrifices too. And those who get tired on the way, their relationship breaks.

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