If Only

Their relationship would have seen the light of day if she had shown a bit of daring before her parents and told them about the one she loved but unfortunately she didn’t and another love story failed to attain the married status.

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19 thoughts on “If Only

    1. Yeah, it’s the most sad thing in India. A girl’s parents don’t even want to let their daughter marry out of caste let alone marry out of religion.
      I am myself a victim of this thing. ☺️

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      1. I have a little lady who from Pakistan 🇵🇰 who I try to mentor.. but I’m so limited with my advices because I don’t really understand or have much knowledge about her culture..
        but she has struggled so hard with this because she loves this guy whose parents doesn’t approve the relationship..
        oops 🙊..
        Having the freedom of choice all my life.. I just can’t relate to that..

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        1. Well you’re really lucky then. Most of the girls in India don’t have that freedom. Some guy’s parents also like that. Mine parents have given me the freedom to chose partner according to me.
          They say that we have lived our life and now it’s your time to live your life like you want.

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