Love And Intimacy

Ke darkhaast hai ye… Jo aayi raat hai ye… Tu meri baahon me duniya… Bhula de…

The latest romantic track from the movie Shivaay was playing in the background as they were lost into each other.

Their bodies were dancing on their own, to the sensuous and romantic tune of the song. His arms were wrapped around her waist while her arms were around his neck. They were in an embrace in his room. It was all dark around. Just the television mounted on the wall was on and playing the video track which lighted up the room a bit.

He pulled her more closer and it sort of hurt her. Their eyes were closed as they were enjoying the moment. They were meeting alone for the first time.

Dev, what happened?” she asked softly speaking directly into his right ear

I don’t wanna lose you ever.” he replied with a soft touch in his voice

Look baby, I am here with you in your arms. I am yours.” she replied and kissed his right ear.

I know” he replied and ended the embrace only to look at her angelic face

The subtle light from the TV striking her eyes were making them look so beautiful and sexy. He pecked her on forehead as she closed her eyes to register that moment in her heart. Her breath raised and heartbeat sky rocketed.

They looked into each other’s eyes. Her eyes were always moist and he loved this characteristic feature of her eyes. They wanted to say a million things so as to show how much they love each other but neither of them found any words worthy enough to depict their love. They had never been so close and therefore, had never kissed each other.

He got close to her lips and tilted his head a bit. Their heartbeats were racing so fast that it could even give competition to a bullet train. Both of them closed their eyes. He because of shyness and she in anticipation of what’s going to happen next. They could feel each other’s warm breath over their lips and it raised the heat of the moment.

Finally, their lips met and it was like the dam broke open as they locked on to each other’s lips. Both of them were getting aggressive with each passing moment as both wanted to savour the intimate moment.

Even though, this kiss was their life’s first ever but the way they were kissing didn’t felt like that. Eventually, they had to stop to catch their breath. She was blushing and looking down. He kept his hand under her chin and pulled her face up a bit. She was still looking down. He gave a peck on her nose and she instantly looked up with gleaming eyes.

I love you, Pakhi. I’ve never seen a more beautiful girl than you.” he said

I love you too, Dev and I look beautiful because of your love.” she replied and hugged him tightly

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