Three Years Ago

Three years ago, on this night, between 2 and 3 am, on whatsapp, everyone around us in deep sleep….

A love story was going to born…

She: Puneet, I want to ask you one question. Do answer me truly.
I: Yes, Ask.
She: Do you love me?
I: What?
She: You didn’t read properly.
I: Yeah, but first you tell me. Only then I would answer.
She: This isn’t fair at all. I asked you first.
I: No, First you tell me.
She: OK, Fine. I do love you. Now you tell me.
(My heartbeat racing)
I: You really want to listen. I don’t know.
She: Puneet, You have to answer.
I: I really don’t know.
She: Fine, you won’t answer. I am going.
I: OK, OK. I am answering.
She: Yeah, Be fast.
I: I also love you……

Yeah, This was a casual interaction. I couldn’t believe this happened for whole month but it started something beautiful between us which was more than friendship.
We may not be in love at that time but gradually, we fell in love with each other.

Mutually, we understood what love truly is and how it feels.

Mutually, we felt each and every emotion associated with love.

Mutually, we revealed each and every thing to each other.

Mutually, we created a bond that was beyond this karmic world.

But unfortunately, this happiness was short lived.

Before completing three years, we…….

P.S – I have simplified the whatsapp chat for easy understanding. πŸ™‚

36 thoughts on “Three Years Ago

  1. It was a great start usually girls do’nt take this first move. And yes, you wo’nt believe I have seen exactly the same whatsapp chat but only till the first text: Do you love me?. And next: No, haha.
    But amazing it is.

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    1. Yeah.. I know… But some girls are brave enough to take the first move.
      Haha.. Are you talking about your’s story? πŸ˜‰
      Thank you… It was.. πŸ™‚

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      1. It was not a story, just a end in its start, haha. Sorry, but I do’nt cherish stupidities, I have seen only unsuccessful stories around me ending with pain. These only look good in reading and writing just like a dream world but sadly we live in reality not dreams.

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        1. Well, I have both successful and unsuccessful ones. Even though mine became an unsuccessful one.. It was a reality for sometime better than any dream.
          Well, I guess we all need something to happen in front our to make us believe on that.

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          1. Well, I guess sometimes even unsuccessful things make us to believe the same way we already do, sometimes not a single experience and still there is no believe.
            True, we need miracles to believe.

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            1. This is going on from a long long time and it’s like programmed into the brain. Not everyone of the old generation believes in casteism as some of them are smart and mature enough to evolve with the changing scenario of the world but unfortunately not all are like that. The next generation meaning us most probably will eradicate it.

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  2. I had hate others to comment on my love story… Even if it didn’t ended like yours did… I will just say… We must learn from our past.. So that we don’t suffer the same way in the future.. 😊😊

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