Casteism And Purity


Our caste is superior than you….

Our caste is pure blood and marrying someone from other caste will degrade our caste….

Our status is above than you and what will relatives say if you get married to someone having lesser status….

I mean like seriously, WTF?

We call India a 21st century country. I will tell you the truth. We shouldn’t be even called a 19th century country. Just evolving of roads, transport, phones, cellular connectivity doesn’t mean a country’s evolving. You want to see the real evolution? Look at the grass roots. Look at the thinking of people. It will tell you where our country really stands.

Seriously, what the hell pure blood or superior caste means?

You call yourself a pure blood. Does that mean your blood is purified with RO and UV filters? How do you know your blood is pure? What are the parameters of pureness?

Your believe your caste is superior. How’s your caste superior? Your superior caste gives you any superpower, does it? Does it make you a Thor or a Hulk?

I wonder how’s your pure blood and superior caste gonna help you in your life.
Your parents have programmed you with this bug and you are still carrying this bug with you. You are spreading this bug into your children and even if they are immune to this bug,you are forcing them to believe that this shit is right.

You are the so called older generation and the mature one having seen various seasons of life, how come you not see what is this really doing. For me, you are not mature if you believe in this shit.

Your so called belief on superior caste and pure blood is affecting your children’s happiness and lives. Have you given it a thought even once? You may consume alcohol but still your blood remains pure and caste superior.

Let me rip apart what is behind your so called thoughts.

Your parents (our generation’s grandparents) have programmed you with this belief that your caste is superior including some other castes and blood purer than any other. It has sort of become your pride and the cause of your ego which has led you to categorically term all other castes as low standard except some which again has been programmed into your brain. This ego has corrupted your thoughts completely.

You won’t let your children marry according to their choice because if they chose to marry someone from the other caste than the already prescribed upper castes, it would break your ego and you can’t let it break. You can’t let it break because that’s what you have been preaching for so long everywhere and if you let your own children break it, then what would society say about you. Your so called pride will be hampered and therefore, you can go to any length so that your children never take such decisions be it emotional torcher or out-rightly create fear in your children’s mind. What reason would you give to the society about your children not adhering to your preaching. This means you are worried about the society more than your children’s happiness.

If you are like that, let me tell you. I haven’t seen a more pathetic parent and individual than you. I hate you from the core of my heart. Period.

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84 thoughts on “Casteism And Purity

  1. Puneet is so very Right about us Indians. Even though we “say”, we don’t follow “casteism”, still the comments are very much floating around, during wedding times. And Puneet is Right, this is all handed down from our Great Grand Parents, whose heritage we love to preserve, just to satisfy our Ego.

    Superb Puneet. I agree with You.

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  2. Your anger couldn’t have been more apt. And you have my every inch of support in this. The truth is we are a hypocrite society where if someone does something out of society’s order it is just not right. A stranger can yet be forgiven but if it is your family in concern it will not be acceptable. Suddenly it will all be about your reputation. I on’t understand every religion and caste has equal stand then why the differences.
    And your thought on mentality well it just makes me more angry and worried. in the past couple of days I was on a work tour where I came across people with such degraded mentality that I realised where our country stands and I am ashamed.

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          1. You are innovative so I thought that you’ll do something different…
            That’s why asked you.
            Sometimes I wonder, how can an engineering student can write so beautiful stories which go directly inside the soul…!!

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                1. 😐😐😐 I sometimes really get amazed by some of your comments.
                  If this talent creates a change in someone’s life, then I would be content and happy.

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                    1. Those are very big words you’re saying. I hope I will able to do this someday. 😁
                      And either I am blind or I don’t want to belive that my writings are so good that they are worthy of such praise. I have a hard time believing.

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                    2. You know what, jo takat hum mein hoti hai na, wo sirf hum hi jante hai. Ha kabhi kabhi andekha bhi kar dete hai aur tal dete hai ki, ye sab kehene bat hoti hai. But we are here for some purpose, some people realise this some don’t.

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                      Sochoge ki mujhse choti hai aur mujhhe bata rahi hai itne badi badi bate…SORRY
                      But these are my thoughts which I believe firmly. It makes me positive always….

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                    4. True. Judge nahi kiya just thought.. Bato se bhot kuch pata chal jata hai….Especially of your thoughts….
                      Agar thik se sochoge to, koi bhi guess kar sakta hai,koibhi….

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                    5. Hmm.. Quite slowly. 2000+ words written. It would be a short novel. I don’t want it to be a very long one. It’s very tuff to write long stories.

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                    6. Wow! May your book be the greatest hit…and bring lots and lots of happiness in your life..!!
                      Aasan to koi kaam nahi hota hai, humari koshishye mushkil kaam ko aasan bana deti hai….

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  3. Sigh… its almost same situation in Pak. My friend’s mom just rejected a perfect proposal for one of her 3 unmarried daughters saying we are sunni while they are wahabi… even religion doesnt justify this mentality. Sad. Nice post though!


  4. Hello,

    This post has conveyed a true emotion! i totally agree,people are still standing at same the place and calling it evolved society, but this is the ugly truth our society has to truly wake up to this reality! Caste has to be just a word,we are all, same under the sun,why don’t people understand that? Everybody is human,just because someone is from different caste,treating them as they’re from another world is so silly! The sad and dumbest thing that our elders/ ancestors made is all this bullshit! Even people who are educated about unity in diversity and blah follow this stupidly formed caste system!

    you only know you belong to such and such caste/community, if you’re told by your parents/ grandparents! Don’t do that to the next gen kids at least! Let them live as just humans being without caste/religionism but just as a nation’s citizen!!

    Deep thoughts blog! ❀ Worth reading every post!! πŸ™‚

    Lots of love,

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    1. Thank you for such a genuine and warm comment. Your comment was like a great extension of my post. I agree with everything you said.
      These things are pushed into the brains of kids from young age by parents/grandparents and that’s disheartening to see.
      Thank you so much that you found my blog deep and thoughtful. I am glad.😊😊

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  5. Thatz such a shame that we still believe in casteism kind of shit..
    All of us are made up of same bone,muscle and blood..How can we or anyone else be superior than the other..
    Thatz such a disgrace..
    And I believe issues like this are an hinderance in the development of our country..
    Nice effort Sir!

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