Casteism And Purity


Our caste is superior than you….

Our caste is pure blood and marrying someone from other caste will degrade our caste….

Our status is above than you and what will relatives say if you get married to someone having lesser status….

I mean like seriously, WTF?

We call India a 21st century country. I will tell you the truth. We shouldn’t be even called a 19th century country. Just evolving of roads, transport, phones, cellular connectivity doesn’t mean a country’s evolving. You want to see the real evolution? Look at the grass roots. Look at the thinking of people. It will tell you where our country really stands.

Seriously, what the hell pure blood or superior caste means?

You call yourself a pure blood. Does that mean your blood is purified with RO and UV filters? How do you know your blood is pure? What are the parameters of pureness?

Your believe your caste is superior. How’s your caste superior? Your superior caste gives you any superpower, does it? Does it make you a Thor or a Hulk?

I wonder how’s your pure blood and superior caste gonna help you in your life.
Your parents have programmed you with this bug and you are still carrying this bug with you. You are spreading this bug into your children and even if they are immune to this bug,you are forcing them to believe that this shit is right.

You are the so called older generation and the mature one having seen various seasons of life, how come you not see what is this really doing. For me, you are not mature if you believe in this shit.

Your so called belief on superior caste and pure blood is affecting your children’s happiness and lives. Have you given it a thought even once? You may consume alcohol but still your blood remains pure and caste superior.

Let me rip apart what is behind your so called thoughts.

Your parents (our generation’s grandparents) have programmed you with this belief that your caste is superior including some other castes and blood purer than any other. It has sort of become your pride and the cause of your ego which has led you to categorically term all other castes as low standard except some which again has been programmed into your brain. This ego has corrupted your thoughts completely.

You won’t let your children marry according to their choice because if they chose to marry someone from the other caste than the already prescribed upper castes, it would break your ego and you can’t let it break. You can’t let it break because that’s what you have been preaching for so long everywhere and if you let your own children break it, then what would society say about you. Your so called pride will be hampered and therefore, you can go to any length so that your children never take such decisions be it emotional torcher or out-rightly create fear in your children’s mind. What reason would you give to the society about your children not adhering to your preaching. This means you are worried about the society more than your children’s happiness.

If you are like that, let me tell you. I haven’t seen a more pathetic parent and individual than you. I hate you from the core of my heart. Period.

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84 thoughts on “Casteism And Purity

  1. What ti say now!It’s a mere disgrace that cast has given us all.I agree with all the points stated by you and feel equally sad about it.Freedom is that I ask from such trivial clutches of dirt disguised as caste!

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  2. People need to let it go.Even in my country it’s such a big problem and i hate it so much .Pureness and superiority comes with great thinking and from pure heart,not from cast or strong background .I really believe that.

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  3. It’s been drilled into them from an early age. All this is discrimination what they grew up with it. And the worst part is they are not willing to change. The idea of something new scares them. They are scared to be vulnerable,naive so they hold on to the only thing they know EGO. As a country we have just been pushing ourselves back, development is a long shot ahead. It’s just a shame! πŸ˜”

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    1. For me as I look, there’s not been a lot of development. I am regularly seeing such things and even have been through it.
      70 years since independence and majority of people still are like that.

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  4. You know what ….The people who say that their caste is superior we must tell them to interbreed among them selves. So that after some years they will suffer form inbreeding depression & eventually become extinct …….

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  5. It will take time to get rid of such strong beliefs from our system. Education can help in eradicating such old beliefs, but then of course, the rest depends on an individual. Even if one isn’t educated enough, he/she can free oneself from such burdened beliefs and vice-versa.
    All we can do is spread awareness, in a right manner, to right people, which you did. πŸ™‚


  6. “Does that mean your blood is purified with RO and UV filters?”

    Great line — I love you use well-placed humor despite the seriousness of the topic. Nice post!

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  7. I know this is suppose to be something serious but i was literally laughing like anything while reading “Does that mean your blood is purified with RO and UV filters?”
    Indeed Creative.

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    1. Thank you.☺️
      And I am indeed glad that even this serious post made you laugh. 😁
      It was totally natural. I haven’t added that line on a purpose. It just came out of flow. πŸ˜‰

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