He Doesn’t Give A Damn

It was her first day at the university and like every fresher, she was a bit nervous too. She had myriad of thoughts in her mind about what to wear but at last she zeroed on a pair of jeggings and top. Yeah, she was an urban chick right from her fashion to her thinking.

Her father dropped her outside the university gate and wished her luck for the first day. She was happy yet nervous but her boldness was enough to negate the nervousness. She knew about this university as she got thorough knowledge about the university from a senior girl. They were good friends as they were neighbors.

While passing by the cafeteria, she saw some students asking for introduction from a batch of other students. She thought in her mind that probably the students asking for introduction were seniors. It maybe a routine for them but for her, it was wrong.

They aren’t teachers or principals, then how come they ask for introduction from others.” she said to herself and went straight to them

Why are you asking for their introduction?” she asked the ones asking for introduction

You have any problem?” one of them asked back

Yes, I do.” she replied with a stern voice and everyone became quiet

There weren’t many people present around that place as it was too early.

And her view fell on a guy clad in white kurta and blue jeans sipping tea from a a white cup. She didn’t knew whether he was a senior or not but went straight upto him and stood before him. He looked at her from tip to toe and again got busy with his tea. This infuriated her.

Aren’t you seeing what’s happening there?”  she asked him

He gave her a look. His eyes looked deep like an ocean. His face lacked any emotion.

I’m asking you something.” she again said

This time, he stood up after resting the glass on the table beside him. He looked into her eyes with a dead look as if he was angry but his face was devoid of any emotion. He seemed very mysterious to her.

Do I look like I give a damn about whatever is going around?” he asked in his heavy voice.

And even before she could reply or make an answer in her mind, he went away from there.
The heaviness in his voice, the way he looked, his emotion ridden face intrigued her from within. She felt a strong feeling that something bad had happened with him and she got attracted to his mysterious nature, right at that very moment.

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