His Last Words

She sat there in front of the mirror seeing her reflection. It was his birthday today. She still remembered it. His last words echoed in her mind.

“You are leaving me for such a silly reason. I tried my best. I gave you all my love. I never betrayed you but now what you have done is worse than betraying. You have broken my heart, my soul, my belief on love. One day, you are going to rue this decision of yours but it would be too late. One day, you will miss me so much but I won’t be there. One day, you will long for my return but I won’t come back. One day, you are going to cry but I won’t be there to wipe away your tears. One day, you are going to miss my touch but I would be far away. One day, you are going to realize that there was a guy who loved you more than anything but you didn’t do right with him. I never thought that you would break my heart but you did it. With you giving up on your lover, you are also losing your only best friend and soulmate. Thank you for changing me and live a happy life.”

Her eyes got filled with tears. She was really missing him but she could do nothing more than shedding tears. She was now feeling the intensity of pain she inflicted on him. She now realized the intensity of his words for they pinched her heart deep because they were true and came straight from his heart. He was still somewhere in this world far away from her.

32 thoughts on “His Last Words

  1. It depends. If you are breaking up for a good reason with a person who is wrong for you.. then I guess it’s for the good of both..

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  2. Very well expressed.
    Afterall it’s a reality. You’re very strong to have been able to pen them down and post here 🙂
    Stay blessed 🙂

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