The Nation Wants To Know

​”The nation wants to know.”

This line you may have heard zillion times on tv, on trolling fb, insta posts or anywhere else . 

The person who made this sentence famous and who regularly says it is “Arnab Goswami“. 

He was the Editor in Chief of the English news channel ” Times Now”. Why I used was is because there’s news that he has resigned. See, his resignation itself has become news. So, you can understand how much influence he has on the news media. 

IMO, His debate on the “Surgical strikes” news was the best. 

What I particularly admire about him is the way he handles the debate. I feel my English speaking skills and even writing skills have been influenced by him a lot. These days I talk with myself in English and I laugh at myself about this change. 😂

Yeah, many of you may say that he is overpowering, that he doesn’t allows other to say, that he is pro BJP but the thing is he a wonderful speaker and the way he shuts down the opposition is marvellous. 

He is criticized by a lot of people for being direct and adamant on his questions. 

I started watching his show “The Newshour Debate” some months ago and he is the reason my interest in politics has raised. 

I keep a close view on news and love to watch the English news. 

What are your views on him ? 

I want to know. 😂

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