Her Feelings 

​I know it pains him more than me to live all alone on his own without anyone to share his feelings with. I love him so much. I can’t live without him but I know we can never be together. Why isn’t he accepting this and moving on? I know it’s more easy to say than to do but we have got no other option. I know my family. They won’t ever approve of us. Moreover, the time is also against us. Everything is against us. 

He is making me feel guilty about my decision. He has now changed into something I always feared. He has let the darkness inside him to define him. He has lost him smile and happiness. I always wanted him to be happy. He hadn’t ever cried for a girl but that day on the call hearing his silent sobs and tearful voice made a dent on my heart. I was the reason behind his tears and I can never forgive myself for this. 

I know I can never forget him. I know no one can ever love me so much. I know the depth of his pious love for me and that’s what making me mad. I know I haven’t given him much to be happy about. 

He came into my life at a time when I was totally broken. He resurrected me with his love. He cared for me without any expectations. He always told me that he just wanted to make me smile. I am still amazed by the power of his love for me. 

I know I don’t have strength to tell my parents regarding us but when I am sure of the rejection, then how can I give him the false hope that I will try? 

No, I can’t give him any false hope which will break him but the thing is he is already shattered from inside. 

How do I tell him that it pains me so much to see him fighting with himself.

I just don’t know what to do… 

73 thoughts on “Her Feelings 

  1. Wow! excellent writing skills for sure! I am truly impressed at what an incredible job you do telling the woman’s feelings…I could believe as if she really wrote this herself! 🙂

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  2. A very well carved story. Cheers! Specially for writing from a girl’s perspective. That is something, you have done excellent job here. Well! Congratulations, I loved this emotional piece, haha.😂😂

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      1. Lol! I loved all your writings, just think that now its a need for some excited and adventures post. And for more dwelling in your posts I only need a breakup. Then I will not only read with more love but also write the same, haha 😂😂😂

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        1. Ye adventurous post wali line padh ke mujhe harry potter movie ka dialogue yaad aa gya… “Dark times are ahead.” haha..
          No, I would really never want anyone to go through a breakup.
          And the one for whom I have written the previous post too had commented on my previous post. She had a comment for you specially.

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                    1. I was going to ask you too. Well, I had a placement drive today but I am having cold and flu. Although, I am feeling better but I don’t want to get it worse by getting myself exposed to chilly weather outside. So, I skipped because my sem exams are from coming Tuesday.

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