Blade and Wrist

A blade in the left hand just inches above the wrist of his right arm. His trembling body clearly showed the fight that was going on inside him. The fight between the good and the bad side. The fight that was going to decide what would happen next.

The neurons in his brain were busy in processing the myriad thoughts. The tears flowing profusely and dropping over his wrist. His eyes had become red now from the overflow of tears as he failed to stop them.

The numerous past memories flashed before his eyes as he struggled to keep them away.

Depression overtook the better of him and the blade moved in a flash to slit open his wrist. The gravity did the rest of work as the blood oozed from the delicate veins of his wrist and fell on the floor. As the blood kept flowing out, his body started getting cold and the vision started becoming hazy.

His lips opened to say something but before he could say anything, the life left his body.

The blade won the fight against the wrist.

The fight ended with the dark side clearly being the winner.

P.S – Please don’t expect love stories from me. Dark is the new me. 😉

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