The Everyday Battle 

​As he stood in the balcony with his right hand on the black colored iron fence and a burning cigarette in the fingers of his left hand, his mind and heart battled each other. The night sky devoid of the moon complemented his conditions rather painfully. 

His heart still felt the love for her strongly while his mind forced that love to not come and show up. 

“Why are you talking to her rudely?” his heart asked 

“You really want an answer?” his mind counter questioned 

“Obviously.” his heart replied 

“You don’t know what she did?”  his mind asked 

“But it wasn’t in her hand. She was forced to this.” his heart replied supporting her 

“What she did was wrong and nothing can be done now. I am angry with her and I am going to talk rudely with her.” his mind replied 

“She doesn’t deserves this. You’re doing wrong.” his heart raised the opinion strongly 

“Even I don’t deserved all this pain and all this forced nicotine. What wrong did I do? Stop having a soft corner for her. She’s gone and won’t return. Be practical. I can’t allow to be just friends with her, knowing she meant even more than a lover at one point.” his mind countered much strongly 

He smoked the first puff and the nicotine quickly entered his bloodstream. His mind and heart’s battle died with that first puff. 

It was so ironic that the person who hated cigarette his whole life now took the help of cigarette to shut down this battle every time it happened.

And it was the mind that won the battle everytime. He could do nothing to create peace between them. He knew his mind was hurting her but then just like she had no control over her decision, even he had no control over this rude behaviour of his. 

Maybe he was too hurt from inside. 

Maybe he hadn’t encountered this much hurt before. 

Maybe she didn’t know the extent of the excruciating pain he was encountering… 

Image credits – Medical stop

13 thoughts on “The Everyday Battle 

  1. Sometimes it’s better to let go than holding on and getting hurt. Sometimes we should let the mind win.
    But sometimes chasing our love and winning it back is what makes us happier 🙂
    Sometimes ignoring a short time pain is just the heart’s way of preventing itself from a long time one..


  2. It’s the hardest decision to take.. whether to listen to our heart or the mind.
    Be happy Punnet! Achhe din aane wale hai!! 🙂 😀 😀
    God bless you with love and happiness!! 🙂 🙂


  3. Time to move beyond her now..

    You are hanging on too tightly with a whole heap of self pity…

    You understand that culture.. you understand how it works..

    You got a chance to find true love ❤️.. and experience the joy of it…
    but you couldn’t hang to the source of your passion…

    Stop ✋ fighting with yourself..
    it’s way out of your control.. and hers..
    Move on..
    you will love ❤️ again…

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha… I know you love… My stories.. 😂
          I tried a lot to come out of all this but I am failing terribly in doing so.. God knows what is next… 😁
          But you jaise toote hue dil se sangeet nikalta hai… Toote hue dil se shabd bhi nikalte hai

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I don’t understand the last part of your comment..

            Your heart ❤️ is breaking.. that is why..
            you just have to try to accept your fate. And rise above it..

            It gonna take a little longer..
            but don’t dwell on it too much. .. try to suppress it ..


    1. If you’re talking about the cigarette part, don’t worry. That’s fiction. I always try to merge fiction with reality. 😉
      I hate cigarettes and smoking BTW. 😊
      When you encounter pain much more than you can handle, it breaks you and drives you crazy. That’s what happening with me but I hope in the long run, it makes me strong as well.

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