A Reality Check 

​Well, this post is about giving myself and my blog a reality check. It was time for taking a decision.

I know that lately I have been posting hell lot of stories about heartbreak, pain and all. I know it’s negative vibes and many of you on purpose stay away from negativity. I know many of you don’t want to read it because actually it’s all based on same thing. Even I know that one can’t keep reading similar type of posts. I know and I am saying this because I am a reader too. 

I won’t post any sad stories from now on as I don’t want to torture you regularly with my sad posts. 😛😂 I should probably keep the pain to myself. I am unable to write happy posts and therefore, just some daily prompt posts and the Bollywood related posts from now on. I may think of introducing a new category of posts someday.

I will remain in touch of you all by commenting on your posts but I will restrict myself from posting anything negative now and so the number of posts will decline for sure. Maybe 1 or 2 posts a week. 

I want to thank all of you for sticking by my blog for this long. It’s so good to know that there are many budding talents here(including me).

This blog started as an accident. An impromptu decision which made me a better writer( I think so).

Those who have been here for sometime following my blog, I have a question for them. (Well, it’s not necessary to answer) 😉

Do you think my writing skills have improved even a bit from the 1st post? 

And before signing off, a little happy news… 

Just crossed 500 followers…😀😀😀😀

I am on cloud 9 but the secret is.. I want more.. 😬🙈

If you have any other obersvations or want to say something else, free free to use comments section. It’s your own. 

53 thoughts on “A Reality Check 

  1. Congratulations Puneet,I know how heart is at times raving about sad stuff,still you can give yourself break from posting and visit other blogs perhaps to enhance your connection.

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  2. I love your negative posts. I enjoy your style of writing and putting across the deep emotions. But also adding the positive vibe sounds like a good idea. You can also opt to have both. I look forward to the new category.
    Congratulations on 500 followers. Punnet you have come a long way. Keep smiling.

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  3. Please dont stop posting what you feel…its why we are all here…its good to have a place to set it free well at least that is how it works for me…this blog is ours and for you as much as your readers…we all have negative or sad times we go through if you dont shed them here and rid yourself of them what will become of you Puneet? The reality of it all is that life isnt all sunshine and rainbows and thank goodness for that! Without dark or emotional times we would never learn to appreciate the good times to come. XO!

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  4. Congratulations on the 500 followers.
    There is nothing wrong with laying your soul bare through your writings, even when you’re sad. It’s through your emotions that writing is given life.

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    1. Thank you so much. You’re one of those 500. 😊
      Well you’re right about what you said but I thought it was getting over the line for those who follow my blog and that’s why I had to check it. Taking a break from reading and writing actually did good to me.

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  5. Hey there. First off, to be honest, I don’t know you. This is the first time I’ve seen your blog, so please disregard this if it’s
    irrelevant. I personally find great beauty in a person’s ability to express pain and darkness. And sometimes, I truly think culture (at least in the US) doesn’t want to see it or hear it. It seems that we value positivity, but repress negativity. In fact, we often medicate people who experience normal emotional suffering, like those who have lost loved ones, if their grieving process “lasts too long” or “interferes with life.” I think this is such a shame because for me, being able to feel pain both sucks so bad, but is also a reminder of who we are. We are mortals with short lifespans and our life experiences bring floods of emotions like joy, sorrow, anger, disgust, etc. But in the end, in my mind at least, the greatest reward in life is the experience of it. If we didn’t feel all of our emotions, then we would sound flat, boring; like a pianist who only plays middle C! So I guess my thought is go ahead; write your heart out. Share your stories! And I’m not saying don’t change; but maybe I am saying follow your heart. That’s what I would say to anyone, including myself. It would be a shame for any of us to stop being an authentic expression of ourselves simply to please society which would be more comfortable if everyone was happy all the time.

    I hope that it’s okay that I shared my thoughts, even though I don’t know you! I felt moved to send a note of encouragement from a person working on being more authentic in expressing my truth through my work!

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