Love And Coffee 

​As the two of them looked in the distant horizon, their cups of hot coffee lay on the table in front of them with vapors originating from it. 

“So, why did you blocked her from every social networking site?” his friend asked 

He looked at him and tried to make a fake answer in his mind but couldn’t. 

“For her own good.” he replied with a half hearted smile 

“How’s giving her pain good for her? I fail to see it. Sorry, but you aren’t doing the right thing by blocking her from everywhere and trying to be rude with her.” his friend shot his honest opinion

He knew everyone would take his actions in a negative way and hold him guilty but he was happy to be guilty in everyone’s eyes. He was broken from inside but for outer world, he was the most happiest person of this world. He was so good at faking emotions that sometimes even he doubted himself about whether he is happy or sad. 

“I did this because I had no other option. I tried to be rude with her thinking that she will hate me but she still cared enormously for me. It hurt me more to talk like that with her. Everytime I tried to talk softly with her, my anger overtook my senses and that resulted in me talking more rudely with her. One of us had to take the step so that we can move on in our respective lives and unfortunately, it was me who took the step. Well, I know it will help her. It’s hard to accept but it’s the only option.” he replied with a face that was happy yet filled with sadness 

His friend was rendered speechless and he could clearly see it. 

“Arey, don’t be so emotional. It’s life. We have to move on. It’s the acceptance that matters. The moment you accept the truth, the pain vanishes. Now, let’s finish our coffee.” he added

And they emptied their cups in silence. He made his friend understood what true love really is. 

It’s all about accepting the pain for the one you love and taking decisions which may give others the impression that your love wasn’t true.

Image credits – Coffee cup

P.S – Sorry everyone for just getting vanished from here. I had my end sem exams and moreover, I didn’t wanted to read or write anything. I will go over the blogs with which I was in contact with a lot. Others can comment and I will take a look over those blogs too. 😊 

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