Real Feelings – Part 5

​You know diary, 

There are times when we are so vulnerable and weak. 

There are times when that special person is gone from our life on whom we were so dependent and without whom we couldn’t think of living our life. 

There are times when we desperately want someone to understand us and to love us.

There are times when we desperately search for that one person to resurrect us. 

But life never works the way we want it. 

Once you pass that desperate and testing time period, you start feeling better. 

You stop searching for that one person. 

You start believing that you don’t need anyone to love you and understand you. 

You start believing that no one’s good enough for you. 

You become self reliant and that’s the starting point from where on whatever happens around you doesn’t matter to you.

P.S – The testing time where I lived alone on my own made me a stronger person. It changed my views about many things. It changed me into a person who doesn’t feel for anyone now. It changed me into a person who doesn’t want anyone else in his life now. It changed me into a person who has better control on his feelings. It changed me into a person who sees love and relationships as a waste of time but I don’t judge others who love someone and are in a relationship with someone.😁

P.P.S  – Enjoying your life doesn’t mean to be partying all the time. Sometimes it just means to enjoy that cool warmth of winter sun. πŸ˜‰

37 thoughts on “Real Feelings – Part 5

  1. Life never works the way we want;great line. Every experience make us more stronger mostly in a very better way. And I too believe, love and relationship are just waste of time but too without any experience and most probably don’t want any, haha. Agreed βœ…πŸ’― to your post this time!

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  2. I used to go through your blog twice or thrice a week to check if I missed something. But it was you who was missing from your blog. And now you are back. πŸ˜€ Good to see you.
    As per this write-up, I agree with everything that you said. Everyone has a different way of enjoying life, of viewing life. Not all like those bright lights of a disc, and not everyone can be expected to enjoy the light warmth under that sun. πŸ™‚
    Different lives. Different interests. And we should respect all. πŸ™‚

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    1. Haha… Yeah I was missing from here and I am happy to hear that you visited my blog. 😁
      And completely agree with you on different ways of enjoying the life.

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  3. Puneet this was a lovely piece of writing, your emotions are entwined without and it can be felt through your words.
    Wonderful post, keep writing .


        1. It’s a sort of diary entry where I have written about how weak and sad we feel when the one person who’s such an important part of our life leaves… And we desperately feel the need to fill that void but we don’t get one…
          With time, we get alright. We get accustomed to the pain. 😊


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