So, I have started writing quotes and snippets also.πŸ˜€

  • The moment he accepted the pain it stopped hurting him.
  • She fell in love not with his words but the pain behind his words.
  • Everyone appreciated his writing skills while he wanted someone to understand the pain that made him write. 

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43 thoughts on “My QuotesΒ 

            1. That has always been my secret. I never fake emotions in my writings. I always feel what I write. If I am sad and emotional, it will reflect in my writings and if I am in love even that will reflect in my writings. That’s why I find it absolutely impossible to write about happy romantic stories these few months.
              And I have really great respect for those who can write so easily about things which they aren’t going through. 😁

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            2. Sorry to interrupt but the things you have never experienced or you are not going through doesn’t mean that we haven’t feel what we write, we do as if you are not satisfied with what you have written then nobody will. And writing is satisfaction. As its not important that every author of romance novel do have love story but he/she writes not with any fake emotion too. Two weapons of writer;words and imagination. He better know how to play with them.
              Don’t take it in any offense its my opinion πŸ˜‰

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            3. That’s why I said it too that those who can write what they have not gone through are great and I respect them for that. 😊
              What I wanted to said that… There are those who have gone through a particular incident and write it down like they have felt. The other thing is imagining the situation and then writing. There’s a difference. Although, maybe I shouldn’t have used the word fake here but there’s a difference according to me..

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            4. Indeed! There is a difference and what we have experienced and we are writing that reflects in our thoughts and ideas and what we have never and we write then its a challenge that if my words are enough to convince others or not so as J K Rowling taken this challenge very well as Harry Potter is not a real story that one can have ever gone through, is’nt it?
              Sorry but neither I think nor I believe to write something you have to go and experience and hopefully they are not written by any fake emotions. I know thinking often contradicts and that doesn’t mean that there is any offense as we are presenting our ideas. Hope you haven’t mind that. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

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            5. Well, that’s why for me Jk Rowling is an exceptional author for creating a whole different magical world.
              What I wanted to say is when you go through something and then write about it, you sort of get attached with it and that shows up in it. The real stories move me much greater than fictional ones cause I get attached to the real ones. I can sense what’s fiction and what’s real many times. I am not saying it’s wrong to write what you haven’t gone through. If that would have been the case, the fiction genre won’t be there.
              The debut novel of Ravinder singh is my favorite because it’s based on real story and its the only one which has made me cry because I felt it as if it’s mine story. 😁

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            6. I too had a love story; khushi made you cry, haha. Good but I enjoy fictions as we can control the character and what happen next ourselves not like in real we ourselves get controlled, lol πŸ˜‚
              But now I have to find love story to write a romance novel, is’nt it? So that it will be real and readers will regard it as theirs. πŸ˜‚

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            7. Yup made me cry cause I am an emotional person. Even his next novel was very good. I love reading romantic novels. They are always my first choice. I don’t like fiction much.
              Well, that’s truly your thinking about finding a real love story and writing a romantic novel. There’s lot of love stories around us.
              What readers term real or not, it’s totally their point of view. I have got mine. 😁

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            8. Oh! Good. Jokes apart, you need not find love as love will find you. For now its only a fiction for me and I for now don’t want any real happening in life too unless and until its time to love your career.
              Congratulations to you!

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  1. Amazing quotes. I like the first one most… it showed how you have to realise, accept and understand the pain you’re feeling to truly fix whatever is causing it

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