I got the push to write about it because of a post of Anamika. I was really moved by this post of her – hope. I always wanted to write on this particular topic but your post opened up my clogged mind. Her post has only four lines but even then, the meaning is clear. I have tried to explain it a bit in my own words. 

One of the most said sentences in the world “Don’t lose hope.” 

I am sure everyone of you would have heard this atleast once in your life. 

Well, it does feel great to listen this line from someone but there’s another face to this particular line.

Sometimes, this so called hope binds us to the past. It stops us from moving on. It isn’t weakness to give up hope when you know that holding hope is doing much bad to you rather than doing anything good to you. 

Sometimes, the hope has to die to pave way for a new beginning. You have to shed everything from the past to move on and hope is the one thing other than memories that binds us to past. We can make peace with memories but we have to leave this hope. We have to make ourselves understand that clinging on to hope when everything’s crystal clear to us is not at all good.

From my recent personal experience, I know what stopped me moving on. This hope or better called “pseudo-hope” stopped me from looking to the future and moving on in my life. I had to make myself understand that holding on to this hope is pulling me back every time I want to move on. 

Believe me, giving up hope sometimes does wonders to you. 

103 thoughts on “Hope

      1. I get your point. But I do have a different perspective!! For me, hope is something that gives you a reason to live, a purpose to your life even if it won’t do any good to you but you’ll live with a reason!

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        1. Great that you have a different prespective. I understand your perspective too. Till sometime ago, I had only had this one prespective that you have. Now I have this other prespective too.
          Dual prespective you know.. 😁😁


                    1. When do we ask a question. When we don’t have an answer to it.
                      That’s why I asked a question but cause I don’t have answer to it. 😜

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                1. Well, I have till now never made any resolutions but I guess I may make one this year and it would be about writing a fictional love story which I guess I am in the process of penning down. 😉😉😉

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                    1. Quitting anger isn’t the right thing to do. Maybe channeling this into something useful would be better.
                      And moreover is age me irritate hoke gussa ho jana is normal. 😊

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                    2. Jo paper me aata hai roz uspe nai.. But specially jab kisi pandit ke paas jaake dikhao.. That I believe on… And even ispe bhi ki sun signs ke jo positive and negative traits dikhate hai…

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                    3. That is known as kundali, if I’m not wrong. Which is your fav subject?
                      I know I’m the one who is talking and talking. Can’t help it, today is my last day here. And you are awake here. And I think everyone is sleeping bcoz there are no new comments for me.

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                    4. 😂 😂 It’s your last day here.. Ohh… Well, I like having a convo. ✌🏼
                      Yup kundli.
                      Favourite subject.. Hmm… Padhai se ab dil bhar gya.. 😂 😂 😂 😂

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                    5. I was smiling at this ki padhai se dil bhar gya. But I love studying,reading. And the best place in world for me is my books and my bed. Love them. So you’ll predict that I am totally a nerd. And that’s what I am. Ok forget sub. Your hobby?

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  1. well..God works in mysterious ways. I did hold on to pseudo-hope for a very long time. And then I gave up..just to find what I was looking for.
    “My sun sets to rise again.” – Elizabeth Browning

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