I got the push to write about it because of a post of Anamika. I was really moved by this post of her – hope. I always wanted to write on this particular topic but your post opened up my clogged mind. Her post has only four lines but even then, the meaning is clear. I have tried to explain it a bit in my own words. 

One of the most said sentences in the world “Don’t lose hope.” 

I am sure everyone of you would have heard this atleast once in your life. 

Well, it does feel great to listen this line from someone but there’s another face to this particular line.

Sometimes, this so called hope binds us to the past. It stops us from moving on. It isn’t weakness to give up hope when you know that holding hope is doing much bad to you rather than doing anything good to you. 

Sometimes, the hope has to die to pave way for a new beginning. You have to shed everything from the past to move on and hope is the one thing other than memories that binds us to past. We can make peace with memories but we have to leave this hope. We have to make ourselves understand that clinging on to hope when everything’s crystal clear to us is not at all good.

From my recent personal experience, I know what stopped me moving on. This hope or better called “pseudo-hope” stopped me from looking to the future and moving on in my life. I had to make myself understand that holding on to this hope is pulling me back every time I want to move on. 

Believe me, giving up hope sometimes does wonders to you. 

103 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Sometimes hope has to die to pave way for new beginning- I love this line truly. Very deep thoughts as every coin has two faces if for one hope has to die but at the same time it also make many dreams alive too.
    Let’s hope for the best, haha

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  2. Hello! I found your post very interesting, with a fresh perspective on “hope.” The theme on my blog this week is “hope,” and your post was the the first hit on WordPress Reader when I searched the term “hope.” This makes your post #1 on my Top 5 Trending Tuesday post! Congratulations!

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  3. This is so inspiring. I have also started writing recently. And i guess our subjects are similar. It would be a great gesture if you check out my blog and give your essential feedback.

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