Different Love 

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you… 

Enjoy the holiday season and keep smiling… 

Well, I am back with an unusual love story.I know I said that I won’t be able to write a love story but it’s just flowing out naturally. I am just posting a snippet here from the story. I intend to do something bigger. Hope this new year, I will finally be able to write a complete fictional love story and dream of publishing it. That’s a lot of hope. 😉

“Which sane person would bring diary to a beach party?” she thought to herself and bended to pick it up

She looked around but there weren’t many persons present. Moreover, no one seemed to be giving any heed to what she was doing. She had literally forgotten of her conversation with Puneet and she had even forgotten him because she met so many people after him. She opened up the diary and the name of the person to whom this diary belonged was written in a beautiful cursive font “Puneet”.

“Well, that’s a nice handwriting and name.” She said to herself 

She felt like she had heard this name recently. She put some more pressure on her mind and instantly got reminded of everything.

“Oh, that weird writer guy.” She blurted out immediately as she found herself dumbstruck

32 thoughts on “Different Love 

  1. You are already pretty good in the genre of love, and having one full-fledged novel in the same genre sounds a good idea. Give it a shot.
    And this snippet reflects your dream. All the best! 🙂


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