Review of year 2016

​So, the year 2016 is coming to an end and this is the first time I am reviewing my whole year. 

This year was the most shit one of my life till now. 

The lessons I am taking from this year ->

Mantra to live a happy life… 

  • No expectations..
  • No attachments.. 
  • No feelings.. 

I again went through a period of depression this year and that was the longest time ever. 

I got to understand that caste is a bigger thing than love. 

I got to understand that you have to live for yourself only. 

I got to understand the transformation of a guy who believed in love to a guy who termed them as waste of time. 

I got to understand that a relationship is a genuine investment. 

I got to understand how it feels when someone gives up on you. 

I got to understand that it takes a lot of strength to give up on the pseudo hope and move on. 

I got to understand that how once lovers can turn into known strangers. 

I got to understand that loving someone truly hurts a lot.

I got to understand that just loving someone isn’t enough to spend your life with them. 

I got to understand that sometimes even a girl can easily shy away from returning the commitment. 

I got to understand that sometimes even if you give someone your everything, it isn’t enough. 

And now ending the post with a quote I wrote… 

She gave up on their relationship… 

That day, another romeo died and casanova was born… 

50 thoughts on “Review of year 2016

  1. Relationship is indeed a big investment.
    All i can say for you now is that I hope 2017 brings you fresh springs of flowers and the harsh thorns of 2016 no longer bothers you.
    I know it is easier said than done but there is no harm in hoping against hope.
    Good luck in the new year.

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  2. Hello Puneet Bhaiya, we are talking about you Purva Di’s post.. please visit, we want to know something, something very urgent and important!!!
    Purva Di and Sudershana Di are same, you know that right?

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  3. I would say one thing here, God gives you what you expect from Him! Expect good and good will come to you..
    Expect happiness from your life, I’m sure you will find it soon.


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