His Untold Feelings 

​“If you love someone, you never say such harsh words to them. I loved you so much and what you did. You just thought about yourself. You thought that it was only you who loved. You words broke my heart into millions of pieces. I won’t be able to love anyone else now. The feelings I had for you aren’t there anymore. How the hell could you say all those things to me? Where was that love? Where were all those feelings? Even then my fucking heart doesn’t stop caring for you. Damn. I want to kill myself for caring for you. Tell me, why you talked with me like that? What was my fault? Say it.” she asked at the top of her voice

Her eyes filled with tears asking him millions questions. Their eyes locked with each other and suddenly, her anger busted out in tears. She didn’t want to cry in front of him and hence left that place.

“Whatever were my emotions and intentions behind what I did can’t be understood by anyone. I have never been able to make you understand my views. I know what I did hurt you a lot and most probably destroyed your views on love. Damn me and my feelings. Damn me and my love. Damn me and my emotions. I was probably a curse in the cloak of blessing. That’s why I was never the destined one for you. Even though the feeling for me in your heart has gone and maybe you will hate me but it’s for your betterment as it will keep you at bay from me. You are a pure soul. Soon, you will get into a new groove and someone will come who will fit perfectly into that groove. He will understand you completely which I always failed at. Maybe, I made you regret at your decision to love me but I’m sure the one who comes now won’t make you regret your decision. I don’t hope that someone will come into your life again because I’m sure that that one person will come and be the sunrise of your life. God bless you.” 

These words came into his mind. With tears in his eyes, a sad smile came on his face and  he went into a different world. No one ever saw him again.

44 thoughts on “His Untold Feelings 

  1. From the second I saw your blog, I fell in love! The emotion is just so immense and meaningful! The brighter side of you was nice, but I am loving the darker side of you just as much. Seriously, your blog is amazing!! I check every day to see if you have a new post, I seriously look up to you. I hope you’re doing okay, you deserve happiness ❤

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    1. I read that and I agree completely with everything you had written.
      The memories maybe happiest ones but they do make you emotional always for the rest of your life.

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      1. Not for the rest of our lives Puneet. It seems that these memories will haunt us for the rest of our lives, but time heals everything, we are only humans, some other person will come in our lives in such a way that he/she will fill the empty space that was actually always empty and no other person except for them could fill that up. For now we just need to forgive ourselves, accept what happened, and love ourselves once again, and most important, look forward for a better future. You know when one learns to be happy alone, in his own company, only then he can be in full control of his emotions, and only then he can take wise decisions in life, and live life for their improvement as well as for others. After all, we have just One Life, why waste it on something that was always meant to be temporarily present in our life!
        You are gonna be happy, but first life will make you strong!
        Experience everything, and LIVE..! 🙂

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        1. Well, I hope I could accept all your positive words happily. I have a hard time believing in positive words now but it’s not like I believe in negativity. I have become sort of neutral person.
          Yeah, I have become a strong person. Now, I know how to control my feelings. I am happy but bored. I am letting my life flow on its own while I do what I have to.

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  2. Honestly that was so deep. I can’t get over the way you write. It takes me into a different place in my mind that I hate but love to go into. It brings back feelings towards situations I’ve been in that I’d rather forget. It stirs up sadness and happiness in my mind that I’m unable to explain. You have a true talent.

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