Being Alone Is Depressing? 

So, what do you think about being alone? Do you think it’s depressing? 

I will give you my views. 

I am alone. Even though, I have got friends. I haven’t got anyone who I can trust blindly. I don’t feel like sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone. 

My destiny has forced me into this state where I haven’t got anyone with whom I can talk for hours and tell them anything regarding my feelings. 

One positive thing that has come out of this state for me is that the more I live in this state, the more I am getting habitual of it. 

Though, there are sometimes when at night I feel depressed about not having anyone to open up to but I have now become strong enough to counter those weak phases of mine. 

I have accepted what destiny has forced onto me and I have made peace with it. I no longer want or need anyone in my life to comfort me, to make me happy me. I may not be smiling all the time or may not be happy but I am at peace. 

Therefore, the thing is “Make peace with anything that’s hurting you from inside and accept the things your destiny has put you into whole heartedly.”


31 thoughts on “Being Alone Is Depressing? 

  1. I am alone. I have friends. But yes, i feel alone. When i want toshare something. There is nobody. Abosulte nobody. But no its not depressing for me. I learned, some people are temporary in our lives. And our family is thw only constant.

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  2. You are not alone you have the characters of your first draft with you, trust them. And being alone sometimes take us to depressive mind but destiny will surely take you to right place. So much philosophy and by me, epic👏

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