Valentine Week Special 

With their all time favourite song from the movie Fifty shades of gray going on in background and their eyes locked with each other,  the temperatures started soaring in the midst of a cold January night. 

They hugged each other as their hands scuffed against each other clothes on the back. The intensity of the hug soon paved the way for a passionate kiss that melted their hearts. With lips entwined together and breath mixed up, the warmth generated in their bodies was too much for them to handle as the clothes left their bodies. The naked souls were shy but they wanted each other so much that it easily overcome that shyness. 

That night became their longest one as their souls merged on a physical level. 

P.S – I know I haven’t been active here for a long now but completing the first draft has took up so much of my energy that I didn’t want to read anything. I will try to read the posts I’ve missed. Just comment here. 😉

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36 thoughts on “Valentine Week Special 

      1. Uff… How can I be but always the amazing me!!!! 😀 😀
        😛 Are you trying to be Mr. India…. 😀 Umm next time if I use fb I’ll give you a follow!!!!

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              1. Haha…. Aisa nai hai. 😁 Bas kuch zyada hi moody hu… Toh kuch padhne ka mood nai tha… So, socha jab kisi aur ka nai padhunga… To wo mera kyu kuch padhenge.. 😂😂

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