Love Over The Phone 

So, for all those who wanted me to post happy love dovey stories. Here, it is. I am back with love filled and sensual stories. Enjoy. 

​As the thundering started, her sleep got disturbed and she got awake in the middle of the night. She feared the lightning and the sound accompanied with it. With eyes wide open, she looked around in her room that was completely dark. Instead of going to her parents like she would do when younger, she now had someone else to depend on. She reached out for her phone and looked at his whatsapp profile picture. The last seen was some 2 hours ago. The fear was growing on her and she had to do something. She didn’t want to call him and disturb his sleep but suddenly, his call came. She was shocked to see that he was calling her. She picked up the call. 

“My baby’s scared, isn’t it?” he asked in sleepy tone 

“Yes, I am but weren’t you sleeping?’ she whispered 

“I know that my baby fears thunder and lightning na. That’s why I called you.” he answered 

She smiled at the care he was showing. He blowed a kiss through the phone and she blushed. He was trying to make her comfortable. 

“Stop doing that and by the way, I never thought you sounded so sexy in a sleepy voice.” she whispered again

This time it was he who blushed. 

“So, what now?” he asked 

“Now you’re going to sleep and nothing else. I’m fine now.” she said 

“But.. ” 

She interrupted him in between. 

“Shhh. Be a good boy and go to sleep now.” 

“Hmm.. Ok.” he sounded low 

“I love you.” she spoke very softly  

He got goosebumps and he took a deep breath. She heard him taking a deep breath.

“Bas han. Let me go now. I love you too. Bye. Good night.” he replied 

“Where are you going now?” she asked 

“Arey, you told me to sleep na. So, I am just obeying like a good boy.” he answered 

“I don’t want you to sleep now.” she said 

“Then?” he asked as he got an idea of what was going to happen next 

She didn’t replied for a few seconds as she felt shy because  she had never been the one to initiate. That night was different though as she decided to be the initiator. 

“Love me right now.” she said sensually enough for him to lose his senses and go for it. 

That night, they made love over phone for the first time and crossed the limits, they hadn’t previously. 

Image credits – freepik

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