Passionate Moment 

His head rested on her lap as she moved her hands through his hairs. She loved doing so. It gave her peace and happiness to do so. He too enjoyed it as he felt like a small baby whenever she did it. His eyes were closed while her eyes were stuck on his face. 

She smiled looking at his face as she thought of all the memories they had shared till now. She thanked her destiny for introducing him in her life and making him such an important part of her life. Their journey of togetherness wasn’t a smooth sailing one but they never parted their ways. They always fought against whatever came their way and that too together. 

She felt her love for him overflowing as she came closer to his face. He sensed her warm breath over his face and knew what she up to. He kept his eyes closed while she kept looking at his face as she kept getting her face closer to his face. 

As their lips were just a few centimeters apart, she didn’t go ahead to tease him. He couldn’t hold himself back anymore as he got her head a bit up and their lips met. 

They kissed passionately and savoured every bit of each other’s lips. 

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